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  1. > Migrating is difficult, but not impossible. Syncing (as far as I know) is impossible. > Run! Notes is not the app you are looking for Ah, yes. I saw "sync" and read it as "transfer." As far as I know, syncing between Notes and Evernote is as elusive as the aptly-named Sir Not Appearing in This Film. If you've sold your soul to Apple the way I have, and fully entrenched yourself in the Apple ecosystem, Notes natively syncs across iOS, OSX, and iCloud.
  2. There's the old-fashioned method of using copy-and-paste to move text from Notes to Evernote, the way we did in Neanderthal times. Or you can email your individual Notes to your Evernote email address, which is a somewhat more Cro-Magnon approach. Or...wait, there was an iPhone app called iNote that was able to put some of my Notes into Evernote...but I removed it months ago, I'm not sure I remember exactly why. It was fussy and required a bit of setup. You might want to take a look at it, but please understand this is not a recommendation.
  3. BKandt, here's a sample entry. I've changed names and details. ---------- Elizabeth Cady Stanton (nee Rumbplestiltskin) Librarian at North Branch 1998-present) Chair of Employee Relations Committee 1996-97 Librarian at South Branch 1995-1998 Junior Librarian at Middle Branch (?-1995) worked with County Planning & Zoning Dept before starting with Library Divorced from Albrecht Rumplestiltskin 1986 Son: Barney Rumplestiltskin b. June 1972 - now living in Oregon Birthday 1 April 1953 Born in Washington DC Food: Crabs Pet: Henry (Beagle) - died 2009 Hobby: Drawing Color: Yellow 2012/04/04 Movi
  4. @Tom M If you use the Mac version of Evernote, you can also type into a note with a PDF. But on the iPad and iPhone, you can't...probably the same with Android (although I don't know for sure). Maybe you could scan business cards to jpg -- or take a screen shot of the PDF and put the screen shot into Evernote. I can edit a note with a jpg in it on the iPad, and I believe also on iPhone.
  5. That's brilliant. It would also help when choosing restaurants. I'm diabetic, I have friends who are lactose intolerant, vegetarians, celiac, etc. Those are things definitely worth remembering.
  6. @GandalfS I've looked at Hello, but it is a bit too structured for me. I don't always enter ifnormation about a person at the same place, date, and time as my interaction with them -- sometimes it can be days later -- so Hello's date/time/location data would be wrong. As I said, I have a system that works really well for me for contact info, which Hello makes central. But the real deal-kilelr for me with Hello is that I can't edit the notes it makes in regular Evernote. So if I need to add/change something while I'm on laptop, desktop, or using the web interface on a computer at work, I woul
  7. I've recently started to use Evernote to accomplish something I've wanted to do ever since I first read Robert A. Heinlein's Double Star -- create a Farleyfile. For those who don't recognize the term, the Farleyfile is named for FDR's campaign manager, James Farley. Farley kept a file on every person FDR met -- a file that included professional informaiton as well as personal details like name of spouse, children, and pets, favorite food and drink, personality, hobbies, history of previous meetings...really, anything. When FDR had a subsequent meeting with the same person, Farley would produce
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