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  1. What are some of the most popular notebooks or tags you have used and seen in your EN experience? I am looking to use tagging(or using notebooks) as a way or organizing my to do list and other organizational things. I have a 1/hot, 2/warm, 3/cold notebooks where I qualify how important each to do is. Looking for other tips to add to my foundation. Thoughts I set up an ifttt task so that any gmail I get that I "star" goes directly to my Inbox in EN. This will help me not miss or forget emails. Of course I can also use the email to Evernote feature as well, but this one is quicker for some things. Anyone have any other cool ifttt tasks they set up to go with EN? I also created a separate notebook just for business cards with certain tags on each business card (a picture is included) to describe what organization each person is a part of. Right now, I also have each business card tagged with "business card" but I may change that. Any tips on this? Thanks.
  2. Anyone else had luck using the "camscanner" app from the Android market? I am thinking of scanner some papers to try it out.
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