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  1. Hi Junto, am not sure either where to look, but in case your interested I have recently reviewd the way I do projects my self and came up with a project master note template that I think should help me. My projects are more IT oriented but I tried to setup a template that could work in any type of project. The template goes something like this: 1. Project Description 2. Organizing 2.1. People 2.2. Tools Sites Services 3. Plan, Milestones, Tasks, Progress 3.1. Official 3.2. Working 4. Documentation 4.1 Official Docs 4.2 Other Docs (Supporting) 5. Notes 5.1. General Notes 5.2. Questions n Answers 5.3 Research 6. Log I wrote more on this at http://gieglas.com/7...note-template/. If you or anyone else for that matter have any comments on the template, I would appreciate it greatly.
  2. Oh by the way for my GTD needs... I also use less notebooks and try to organize my notes with tags extensively. I wanted speed to organize notes while creating them, so I organize my tags using numbers and special chars. For example “:” defines for Type of stuff “@” concerns Tasks (I will elaborate on that in a future post). “1″ defines Department “2″ defines Role “3″ defines Project “4″ defines System “5″ defines Technology This way when creating a note, I click on the tag section press 1 to 5 and i get dropdowns to organize my note. All done within seconds. I wrote a couple of posts on this at http://gieglas.com/382-getting-organized-with-evernote-gtd-methodology/ http://gieglas.com/425-getting-organized-with-evernote-gtd-task-management/
  3. Sounds like a great tool. I simply scan notes with my scansnap or take a photo of it and add it to Evernote. Its not as fancy, requires a couple of steps more to get it into evernote, but gets the job done :-)
  4. For todo list i use the something like the following tags : @Priority Low High etc @Review Daily Weekly Occasionally @Status Planning Working Waiting Next Action Delegated Canceled Completed @Type Bug Request etc To review my todos I use the following Searches for to do list: Issues Pending tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@Canceled” Issues Pending Review – 0 Daily tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@Canceled” tag:”@Daily” Issues Pending Review – 1 Weekly tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@Canceled” tag:”@Weekly” Issues Pending Review – 2 Occasionally tag:”:Issues” -tag:”@Completed” -tag:”@ Canceled” tag:”@Occasionally” I have more details at http://gieglas.com/4...ask-management/
  5. Think of what are your retrieval requirements. i.e what will you be searching for in the future. And remember you can add as many tags as you like so try to think organizing your content into several dimensions. I agree with @jbenson2, search and tags do the job. Here's my way of organizing my content http://gieglas.com/382-getting-organized-with-evernote-gtd-methodology/
  6. What I do is something like a readitlater list. I clip whatever I like and the I have a saved search for inbox... which inbox for me means a tagless note. Here is the quote for the saved search "-tag:*" So clip -> Inbox (saved search) -> read -> tag or delete
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