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What would you chart/track in EN?


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Hey everyone!

I was thinking about tracking some fitness and personal goals in my EN via tables and thought of a neat side project. In the spirit of that, I thought I would ask:

What kind of data do you or would you track and chart in your EN account, and what would you like to be able to DO with it (if anything)? Weight over time? Exercise stuff? Gas cost? How many steps it takes to get to the car? (We can get creative :P )



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Hi Kevin,

Something I track in EN that's related but not exactly what you ask is my lab reports from the doctor. I ask for a copy and scan them in when I get home. This way over time I can see how my cholesterol, sugars, etc. are doing and by adding notes such as weight or that my back was out so I was sedentary I can see the cause-and-effects of my behavior on my health. My doctors tend to look at the labs and say "You're doing ok" instead of comparing to the last one and saying "You're doing better/worse" which I prefer.

Apps that track your food would be good if they can dump the summaries. A chart of weight or sodium consumed could be very useful as well. I wouldn't do it if it only dumped raw data though - compiling all that is more trouble than it is worth.

Hope these ideas help.

Jim Sewell / @Deverill

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Normally just my running routes. I use a Garmin Forerunner 305 & have software that will import from the Garmin & overlay the route onto a satellite image. I screen cap that & tag by approximate distance. (IE < 5 miles, 5-9 miles, etc.) This way, when I know I'm aiming for a particular distance, I can call up some of the routes I've already run for reference.

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I track my workouts - both the ones I've done and the ones I'd like to do. I often clip workout ideas from the web or scan in an article and keep them in my "Health and Fitness" notebook. I have a whole library of workouts in there now. If I'm bored with my workout at the gym, I just bring up a new workout on my phone. Keeps me motivated and keeps me going!

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Pretty much most of my life logging / tracking stuff ends up in totally different places, i.e. projects and actions in Omnifocus; video log/diary vids on youtube as private video; finances/budget in Numbers and iCloud; diet/food in cronometer... However all of this is still organized/referenced in Evernote so I have to search only in a single place for everything, just not directly stored there. I do store pictures and a lot of stuff in Evernote directly though, just not life logging stuff because it's just not optimal

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It's fun to track things which have a possible cause-effect relationship and then chart them together, like hours a week worked out vs. weight. Or runs done per week vs. pacing. I'd track them in a spreadsheet (not as a note per se, maybe as attachment). It's motivating to see a real correlation between what you're doing and what you're achieving.

If you're the long-term person, you can track sports activities vs. medical bills over time. :)

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