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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! I've got a few use cases drawn up
  2. Hey everyone! I was thinking about tracking some fitness and personal goals in my EN via tables and thought of a neat side project. In the spirit of that, I thought I would ask: What kind of data do you or would you track and chart in your EN account, and what would you like to be able to DO with it (if anything)? Weight over time? Exercise stuff? Gas cost? How many steps it takes to get to the car? (We can get creative ) Thanks! K
  3. @Anamacha / gtucker: I'm researching something right now for this as a side project. Do you happen to have a sample of what your data you're saving would look like and maybe what you think you would want to chart? Any other uses you're thinking of? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, After attempting and messing with this on my fire, os version 6.2.1, it seems like the clipper doesn't work when downloaded OOTB. You may be able to install chrome on the kindle (you can make it happen. Google it there's another thread about it) and install there? But alas it looks like well need to wait for sometthing native to Fire.
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