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  1. anjoschu

    Evernote 7.9.3 for IOS update

    I agree! Thank you so much for the note taking/drawing functionality. Saves me so much hassle, no need to switch between apps all the time!
  2. anjoschu

    ANSWERED Iphone reminder notifications

    With iOS 9, you can ask Siri to "remind me of this on October 1/when I get home/when I get to my car/..." when having the note in question open in Evernote. "this" then refers to the current note. The result is a reminder in apple's reminders application which has the Evernote icon and links to the note in question. You can then go and customize the sounds etc of the Apple reminders application. Not very elegant, but works and makes location reminders possible for evernote notes (yay!).
  3. Agree, especially since it's possible (and apparently beautifully integrated) on Android. I am using Evernote to take notes in meeting sessions and was hoping to be able to go completely paperless by also capturing the ad-hoc diagrams that I end up drawing on scraps of paper. Currently, I am better off taking a photo of the scrap of paper at the end of the session. I can't even consolidate text notes with my Penultimate drawings after the meeting.
  4. Stuhrer: this helped me, too. Thank you so much. This bug is still around in 6.0.5, just saying.
  5. anjoschu

    mac trouble with right click on attached files

    I'm running 6.0.5 and having the same problem, but apparently only with inline attachments. I don't know what JMichael means with "previously selecting the attachment icon" -- do you mean "right click exactly on the icon"? Because I can only select text passages (including attachments), but not the attachment's icon in isolation (and I don't know how I would do this -- single-clicking doesn't seem to toggle a selection).
  6. Below script should work for 6-digit and 8-digit dates regardless of position in the title (but not for 7-digit dates as in your third example above). The same caveats apply as above. The script will assume that the first longish number in the title ((0)10101 or higher) is the creation date and will try to interpret it. Everything right of this number will be discarded. Notes that lead to errors will be skipped (you can click OK/press enter on the error dialog to proceed with the following note, escape/cancel to abort the script). Please let me know if it helps. If you've tested that it works reliably and don't want the dialogs, you probably already know how to remove them. :-)
  7. Thanks for providing the details. Does the date in the example "Jury Summons 7232013 Non-deductible" contain a typo? It seems that the MMDD part only consists of 3 digits total.
  8. Thanks for the additional info. This is strange on several levels -- a 5-20MB file growing to 60MB and in addition Evernote claiming that the note exceeds 100MB. I'm not familiar with typescript and cannot assess whether the PDFs being typescript pages is relevant to the problem (I'm not sure if this refers to the text contents of the PDFs or the technology with which they have been created -- but then again, in the latter case, you probably wouldn't call them "scans of typescript pages" I guess...). To be honest, I've not used Evernote's build-in PDF annotation functionality a lot, so I just ran a quick test drawing 8 vertical lines on two PDF pages. This increased the file size from 395KB to 404KB. Adding 4 additional lines added another 1KB. This averages to maybe about 0.8KB per line, or, assuming 5 lines per page, 4KB per page. Extrapolating to 200 pages leads us to 800KB, which is way way lower than the 40MB+ you described. Very odd. I'm kind of at a loss here. Maybe there's something quirky going on with the note. Did you try saving the PDF to your file system, trashing the note, and creating a new, fresh note in which to add your PDF? Sorry that I'm not of much help here. Maybe Evernote support can help?
  9. I still need some info about the format (see my previous post). Below, you'll find a preliminary version of the script where I'm assuming that the date always starts after the first space character in the title. I've added some usability fluff, which made the script somewhat longish. How to use: Select a few notes in Evernote, then run the script. By the way, do you want to import the tags as well (i.e. convert them to Evernote tags)? CAVEAT: Don't test the script below on notes which you cannot afford to lose! Only select small quantities of notes at a time!
  10. Hi, I'm on it. Could you clarify the format a little more, e.g. are the "x"es really there, will there be spaces in the name or the tags, etc? Maybe a couple of different examples (with different names, different numbers of tags, etc.). String manipulation in Applescript is a bit of a pain. One approach is splitting strings along delimiting characters. Specifically, I'm looking for delimiters to parse out the date from the rest, and to separate tags. I'm currently wondering whether I can split the title at the first and second space character -- this would work in your example, but would it work with all your notes (or would some names contain spaces and trip the whole process up)? As said, it's probably best to provide a few concrete examples, with and without spaces in the "xNamex", with and without (one or several) tags, etc. Thanks.
  11. It seems implausible to me that highlighting text in PDFs would increase their file size like that. What is the original size of the PDF(s) in the note? Are you using Skitch or a different tool for annotation/highlighting? I didn't know that you could highlight text which has been recognized by Evernote's PDF OCR engine (I thought the text would just be part of the metadata for searching, but not added to the PDFs themselves). You state that Evernote gives you a 100MB note size limit warning. What note size does Evernote show if you click the i (info) button in the toolbar above the note? What is the displayed total size of the attached PDF(s) in the note? Has this changed after annotating with respect to their original size? Addendum: As for using Evernote casually vs. professionally: There are a lot of heavy Evernote users on this forum. It's probably not a question of casual vs. professional use, but of the specifics (that's why I'm asking these detailed questions). I for one have used Evernote in almost exactly the same use case as you describe, just maybe with some other technical details: 1. Scanned & OCR'd a bunch (4 PDFs, ca. 150 pages total) of course materials to PDF with ScanSnap, put them in one single note, together with some other 6 PDFs (an additional ca. 250 pages) 2. Annotated/highlighted the details in most of the PDFs using GoodReader for iPad. 3. Added additional text excerpts etc. to the note. --> Total note size 25.3 MB P.S.: This sounds a typical use case for GrumpyMonkey. I wonder how you can mention someone on this forum so that they get a notification..? Something like an Evernote Bat Signal. ;-)
  12. anjoschu

    Premium Services

    I didn't properly answer your second question in my previous post. I've briefly tried out the Web slideshow feature I mentioned earlier. Below is a description about how it worked: First step is to open Evernote Web in the browser: https://www.evernote.com/Home.actionLog in if necessaryNavigate the the note which contains several imagesIn the toolbar, you'll see a "photos" icon (this is the slideshow function). Click it (see first picture below)The slideshow will start in the browser. Click the full screen button if needed (see second picture below)You can navigate through the sildeshow by clicking on the arrow icons, or by pressing the cursor left/right keys on your keyboard. Figure 1: Activating the Slideshow Feature in Evernote Web: Figure 2: Going Full Screen:
  13. anjoschu

    Premium Services

    I'm on Mac OS, but I've never used Evernote for slideshows before (web or mac). To be honest, I just threw "evernote slideshow" at google and the link above was the first hit. Didn't know it was there! :-)
  14. anjoschu

    Premium Services

    Glad to hear it!
  15. anjoschu

    Premium Services

    Why should forum users have to prove to you the nonexistence of something (the claim that slideshows are a premium feature). It works the other way round: where did Evernote claim that slideshows were a premium feature? But in any case -- if you've got a bone to pick with Evernote, not other forum users, please contact support: http://evernote.com/contact/support/ By the way, if you want cross-platform slideshows, you can use Evernote Web: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/08/02/evernote-web-gets-image-slideshows-and-linkedin-sharing/