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  1. I consider Evernote's "freemium" model to be a better and more workable version of shareware. Shareware suffered when people tried it and never paid. As it stands now, Evernote lets people try it for free and if they sign up that's awesome but if not instead of kicking them to the curb they let them tag along at a reduced featureset. So, how many companies are like this? I've signed up for hundreds of services over the years and I can't off the top of my head recall any that let me continue past the initial trial. All this free service they give to those who don't go premium still cost them! They are paying data storage, connectivity fees, peripheral costs like electricity, and as GrumpyMonkey said - livlihoods for I don't know how many hundreds of employees. This stuff costs and they have been letting you keep your information on their system for free - I don't see the gripe.
  2. I'll speak for myself but suspect Fraserd is of a similar mind. For me I am feeling an overwhelming sense of dread about Evernote. [in perspective, I'm not going to jump off a bridge over a program but with respect to that program only.] I looked at old change logs and found only bugfixes, business features, an update to work with their overpriced Evernote Scanner, and minor changes. Nothing major has changed for the "Average Joe" user out there for a long time. Now with others climbing the pile to get to the top it is looking like a death knell for Evernote if they don't get back to the innovation and improvements that got them here. I wish only the best for Evernote and never thought it would be "second fiddle" but it's not looking good for them. Just look here in the forums beyond the ever-present whiners and you will see some legitimate concerns being brought by even their most loyal followers. I would love to hear what Evernote's strategy is. What I am deducing from outward appearances is not encouraging. I know they don't talk about specific features but even a believable statement of direction would do wonders. Something like "We're going to get this Business thing going full force and then we will circle back to adopt some of the suggestions our individual premium users have been wanting for a long time." would help. Yes, EN has their own strategy and priorities but when paying customers by the ?'s complain about the lame editor, for instance, you have to wonder why they haven't improved on it. I personally find the editor quite adequate but it just seems EN is non-responsive to their users, more so as they grow. I hope I'm wrong and I hope they get through this and do make it to be a 100 year company!
  3. That's the whole point of Evernote, though, to be a "robust note keeping software". The genesis of EN is to "Remember Everything", not to create a note that things disappear from when completed. Granted, that feature would be useful to many, but it's not the scope of what EN was created to do. For someone like me who needs a place to store things because my memory stinks, EN is awesome, to-do list or not. I have other tools for to-do's. Evernote is where I put things to remember and retrieve, not my task lists. As a "Remember Everything" tool I'm quite content with there being no changes to my notes that I don't specifically do... even to the point of moving checked tasks to the bottom. Realize, not everyone wants to use EN the same way and for the guy that's doing certain tasks to reorder or remove them when checked is not going to work. I'm not picking on you Ken, yours was just the closest expression of the sentiment to my reply. Unfortunately, no matter how many people want a certain feature there are always others, most of whom the first group never knows about, that don't want it and someone has to make the decision. Personally I feel that EN has done a pretty good job of sticking to the original goal and has given us some good features to do that. Not everyone is perfectly matched to those features, but if they did what is suggested by the OP's requirements then I, and many others, would be equally disappointed. Remember, a Jaguar is not well suited to hauling dirt but no one complains to them about their small cargo space. (At least I hope not!)
  4. Maybe we could petition the developers to add a "notify me even if no real update available" option... Nah, let's let them work on real features
  5. Heather brings to light the point I was thinking as I read through this thread. Sometimes things change as steps to new versions. In my own work I have in the past had to remove one feature temporarily to implement a new one just because of the complexity of how they interact. Then after the feature being demanded by my users is in place I can work on re-integrating the "lost" feature. Unfortunately it causes some users who rely on that feature pain. To the number of users wanting reminders, we must add the number of those who want all versions to be in sync. I feel that this is a goal of Evernote where possible and perhaps the Top List View was a short-term casualty of keeping them together. I know the frustration when "the other platform" gets a feature I would love to use and can't because it's not on my platform yet. Remember, a software business like Evernote is a delicate house of cards and compromises and sometimes they have to let part collapse to save the whole. It's not fair, and it's not nice, and it's not good business for those who love the missing feature, but it is sometimes necessary for the company wellbeing. I am nothing more than a happy Evernote user - nothing I say should be taken as how Evernote really functions
  6. If you don't see those buttons go to the menu and View -> Show Sidebar.
  7. ZZZ, your statement of posting politely is undone by calling out, in a personal nature, the work of someone who has done a ton of good in these forums. A polite discussion would have stuck to the pros and cons of increasing the number of notebooks. Let's all tone it back and keep it to the issues and not personal attacks against each other or Evernote... It's much easier to get things done that way.
  8. I'm curious about your tagging system and how eight tags applied to a single note and still have meaning. I have four or five tags on some of my notes and even at that I feel like I'm just adding tags to add tags. It seems like with that many tags it would be hard to discern the meaning from them. How are you using your tags? Maybe someone will have some suggestions without needing that many tags. There has to be a limit to what we expect from Evernote and that many tags, each with many characters in them, is probably not going to be possible due to screen real estate. On a 15 inch laptop you can't see all of the programs on windows in the System Tray or all of the menu bar items on a Mac. There's just not enough room for all of that.
  9. I take spells of organizing. I will usually go for a month without sorting what I have but there comes a time when the mess "bugs" me and I'll put things in the right folders/tags/etc. You are right - folder or not Evernote just finds things! Thanks for taking the time to write this. There are a lot of articles here about the 16 levels of organization that people use and it's good to see someone else saying how well EN works with zero organization. All we have to do is remember to put it in and learn how to search (advanced search helps!) and it works for us too!
  10. We do this where I work. We happen to have a separate company-only premium account but you could do as Grumpy says and use a shared folder from one person's account. For us we have a company account that has a KnowledgeBase notebook shared with all users giving permission. I can from my account create new notes, etc. The only thing I can't do is create new tags - the main account has to do that. I've not checked it lately but that used to be the case.
  11. I know this isn't exactly what is being asked for but it may be an alternative if it fits your needs. The new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 will scan wirelessly (after initial setup) to an iPhone, iPad or Android device on the same wireless network.
  12. That's great! Thanks! One suggestion for the future may be to separate lists by primary language as an option. I only speak English (typical American) so the other languages don't mean much to me. I don't know if there would be many using it but perhaps. Well done and thanks for keeping up with it too.
  13. And to promote cloudHQ for backups which he is a founder of. 10) Backup And Sync Files To Other Cloud Services With cloudHQ:" It sounds like a good service but I have this funny taste in my mouth now because of the way I found it.
  14. Thanks Grumpy. I only use English text but your settings definitely do apply. In fact, I did my own testing and ended up with almost the exact same conclusions. The only difference is that much of what I scan is crumpled receipts or things like my electric bill which is printed in almost-black on yellow paper so I opted for grayscale as the default. B&W is just a bit too unforgiving for most of what I scan. If anyone else is looking for the best scan settings I'd say start with Grumpy's settings and adjust to meet your specific needs.
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