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  1. Hey gang. I'm running the 5.0.0 public beta 2 version and although I can't drag notes to tags I CAN drag tags to notes. I know this is not optimal, especially for multiple notes at once, but for that you can use the multi-tags Jackolicious mentions for that. You can also multi-select notes and then drag a tag to one of them to apply it to all selected notes. To see the list of tags so you can drag, make sure you View/Show Sidebar and in View/Sidebar Options choose to Show Tag List. There is also an option to Show Notebooks if you like that. It gets a bit large with Notebooks and/or Tags showing but for big sorting/classifying operations it's worth it to turn on for awhile. For my version you drag notes to notebooks or drag tags to notes. Hope it helps!
  2. The way I use Evernote, as an example, is to have notebooks like a student in school, one for each major subject. Tags can go cross-notebooks, of course, so a note in the Math notebook could have "Test material" the same way a note in the English notebook could. I'm not a student but this way of looking at it helps me conceptualize it. I also have tags for year and month for various bills, lab reports, etc. If I get an electric bill I'll tag it "2012" and "04 - April" and "Bill" so I can search them all together if I need to see where my money went - a common occurrence lately The downside to this approach is if I make my notebooks too detailed. "Medical" is fine, if I make one for "Doctor Visit", "Lab Report", "Bill", etc then I'll make myself crazier. Even if they are grouped into the same stack it's easier to not have to decide if this bill for a lab test goes under lab or bill! The bottom line is, of course, that Evernote is flexible enough for each of us to do what works for us. Do what works for you and enjoy it instead of trying to fit into someone else's model.
  3. I've not checked the trunk lately - something I have to do today - but the tools I use most with Evernote are: Fujitsu Scansnap S1300 for scanning all my receipts, lab reports, bills, everything I can put my hands on. My trash can for all the paper I scan into Evernote with the Scansnap. Android phone for mobile access and quick snapshot. I love the new speech-to-text feature! Samsung printer for dealing with people that don't use Evernote I would use Hello and Food but alas, there is no Android version... yet. Thanks for the nudge back into the trunk to see what's new.
  4. I wonder if the fairly new $99-ish MSRP line of Bamboo tablets combined with the new iPad (assuming it has handwriting capabilities) will cause EN to reconsider. I agree that it is odd to provide it for Win but not Mac, and the comment about ink-based computing confuses me. Mac has as many apps that accept pen input as Windows and even has Inkwell but I'm sure there's something at the OS level that makes a difference to them. I would like very much to have this capability in Mac EN since it's a pain to scan and I don't have a mobile camera phone, but I'd also like to encourage everyone to work with the EN team instead of telling them what a load of ***** it is that they made a business decision for their business. Disagree, fine, but please, let's be civil about it.
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