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  1. I don't personally do a ton of mind mapping, but I've enjoyed using XMind when I've needed to. You can export as a PDF and store in Evernote (not as elegant as Mindjet, I know).
  2. @Psionmark - It sounds like you've finally settled on a tool (at least for now). Good! Be mindful of spending time searching for, choosing, using, and switching between tools. This takes real time, and it's typically time that one could actually spend, you know, getting stuff done. I've worked with many people over the years who, in my opinion, overfocus on the tool and the system, to the expense of task completion. Just my two cents!
  3. I've been using XMind alongside iThoughtsHD with Dropbox sync, and have been quite happy. No real Evernote integration, however.
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