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(Archived) Favourites bar: be awesome if it synced


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It'd be really useful to have an option to sync the Favourites (yes, I'm going to spell it correctly ;)) bar. I've added quite a bunch of stuff to it, and to automatically see the same bar on the different PCs I use would save having to set it up on every one - and then change it on every one when I want to make a change.

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Evernote is all about syncing for me so I would like to see syncing of fav bar items as well. However, I can see scenarios when the syncing may not be desired, e.g. personal notes should not stand out in the fav bar on a work pc. So it would be best to have optional syncing.... Guess nobody can argue against that

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Short form: I wouldn't want favorites to sync automatically.

Disagree, I use on multiple pc's, needs to be different. I am glad it doesn't sync.

I agree that there are circumstances/users for whom syncing would not be preferable. Hence I said above "It'd be really useful to have an option to sync" - not to make it compulsory - so you don't need to disagree with my suggestion!

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@jamesctaylor : No worries, I wasn't disagreeing as such, just pointing out where the issue had been broached before, and that I'd posted one reason as to why an option would be preferable.

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I would like to have the option to sync favorites as well including across platforms -- in my case, iOS, Windows, and Mac. I understand that it's more costly from a development standpoint to have the various platforms act the same way, but from the user's perspective it is a bit frustrating to have to learn each platform like it's a different app.

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