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  1. Yes I use firefox. Thanks for noting the error
  2. The new beta has the quick format bar come up when I check/uncheck a check box. This automatically blocks the check box below it, meaning I have to click elsewhere to view the next box. This is really aggravating as I do a lot of checking.
  3. Create a new notebook that syncs to evernote in Remember. Move notes over. That's likely the only way to do it
  4. Notebook called Tickler plus reminders equals true tickler system. Using reminders on tasks will only cause backlogs and clutter. Put due dates on calendars.
  5. Thanks for removing the tags from your shared notebook. I joined your notebook, but almost stopped because of the new evernote tag mess. Just wanted to say i appreciate it

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    2. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT


      By joining the notebook you are accepting the fact that there will be notes in your account, but there is a degree of separation and identification between the notebook and yours.

      The tags however are something that (while they may be implied) are not something that is included/accounted for with the notebook and so I don't think I should have them.

      This is a balance that having a shared notebook, which is aimed at helping other users, that I have to maintain - I...

    3. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      I want to help people, not mess up their EN lives :P

      That said, I like the concept, and perhaps there could be some improvement (how, I don't know) but I also think that notebook owners also need to think more about their content and how it is used. (like a website I guess)


      - I knew it would do that...I write too much...

    4. black.rhino


      I agree, there is potential there, perhaps letting joiners use their own tags on other notebooks, or possibly cross user tags in the future. I don't know the best solution either. All I can say is the current iteration is a little intrusive, as you put it. Thanks.

  6. While I was shot down a few months ago in the forums for requesting PDF annotation functionality from evernote, I'll add my voice to this request, as it suits skitch more than the evernote main app. It fits with the point and grunt mentality and applies it to one of the most common documents we encounter.
  7. Please let me know any questions or suggestions. I'm still debating making a seperate notebook for support files...OR doing a total overhaul and using notebooks for areas of focus and tags for reference or workflow. Adding the support notebook under reference might be nice since they are hierarchical. Thoughts?
  8. Hello, Ive been working on a photo guide of how I use Evernote for GTD. Let me know what you think. Make sure to see the PDF for am overview of the parts, and below for how I use it. I find this system to be easy, intuitive, and simple, and I like the lack of punctuation in the saved searches Collect: Everything goes into the Inbox Process/Organize: Every actionable item goes into Workflow. Projects are tagged with !Project, and an Area of Focus tag Next actions are tagged with a context Waiting items, someday/maybe tagged accordingly Every non-actionable item goes into Reference. Items are tagged with either an Area of Focus, or an Interest tag This is really nice because I can select an area of focus, choose workflow and see my related projects, or choose reference and see my material for that AoF. Project support gets its own tag, and so does Calendar support. General Reference saved search contains all the reference items besides the support files, easily viewed A-Z or filtered by Area of Focus. Review The weekly review process is easily done by selecting workflow and organizing by tags, or just selecting all the related tags for the different levels. Do Do it... Evernote Guide.pdf
  9. Most file manager apps allow you to multi select. On the menu is the option, and once selected, a checkbox appears to select multiple notes and perform batch ops. Could Evernote integrate this for mass tagging, moving, etc?
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