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  1. You may have taken that post a little too personally. It is a piece of sofware. I agree that features such as OCR could be behind a paywall - although I first signed up for Evernote (free) for the OCR. I then subscribed for offline access, better historical, and the upload limit. When I saw features that had been premium go free for all users, I actually cared less than when free features go paid - because I assumed that premium would get better to make up the difference. Add value by adding value. At the end of the day, the market decides anyways.
  2. This is disappointing. I had a premium account but I strongly disagree with adding value to a paid account by removing features from the free version. Evernote, add value with new and cool features want to pay for, don't try and force a subscription like this. This company value is enough to make me stop using Evernote. The new Web UI had already started the thought.
  3. Yes I use firefox. Thanks for noting the error
  4. The new beta has the quick format bar come up when I check/uncheck a check box. This automatically blocks the check box below it, meaning I have to click elsewhere to view the next box. This is really aggravating as I do a lot of checking.
  5. It goes without saying that Evernote has become a necessary platform in the lives of many, many people. However, as the platform grows, Evernote has become increasingly frustrating to use and recommend to people. I see fragmentation among Evernote's offerings as a growing problem. I summarize these observations below: Feature set. As Evernote sprawls into hardware integrations with Moleskine and Post-It, these features seem to come to iOS first. Android picks most of these up some time later. Windows Phone and BlackBerry then come later. The rollout of new features, however, has become extremely uneven: iOS is a few steps ahead of Android, and WP and BB are up to a year or more behind on features. I point out annotation, handwriting, shared notebooks, and reminders. User Interface. Each platform has its own design language, but Evernote makes no attempt to even remotely appear the same on other platforms. On Android, it is sliding cards, on iOS it is a side menu. The ability to make different types of notes is in different areas, or completely missing from one platform to the other.As I personally use Evernote and evangelize to my friends and colleagues about how fantastic it is, I don't think that I should have to be making recommendations based on platforms. If Evernote claims they support a platform, someone should reasonably expect to pick up a device with that platform and have the evernote experience they expect or pay for. I would like to see this company work on bringing all desktop and mobile offerings up to the same level rather than creating leapfrogging and lagging releases that frustrate users, especially those who use more than one OS.
  6. Documents show created date, and it does not change to modified date. Earlier versions (4.x, I can't say for sure of 5.x) of evernote would update the date and time to last save, making it easy to see at a glance whether the document saved and is the most recent copy. Word documents is what I am noticing this on.
  7. Create a new notebook that syncs to evernote in Remember. Move notes over. That's likely the only way to do it
  8. This is how Dropbox does it, and it works well. Maybe vanity urls could expire after a time period...
  9. Previous response from Evernote on the subject. I suppose this is a valid concern, and yet...
  10. Whenever I want to quickly share an evernote link, I get something that's ridiculously long and unnecessary. Sharing would be better via email, twitter, everything, if evernote links would be generated as a shortened vanity URL. Something like everno.te/U77d8
  11. Notebook called Tickler plus reminders equals true tickler system. Using reminders on tasks will only cause backlogs and clutter. Put due dates on calendars.
  12. What version were you on before upgrading? Also, were these notes in your notebooks, business notebooks, joined notebooks, local, some subset of these or across all notebook types? thanks! Latest windows public release, fresh install on new windows 8 computer, synced, upgraded to beta the next day. Personal notebooks, synced, no stacks. It's a bummer, but it doesn't look like I lost data.
  13. BUG All my attached files had the date changed to the date I installed the beta
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