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  1. I have aready added my own 2 cents to this topic so let me quote nobody else but Evernote: "Search bars that only search are so…yesterday. The new Evernote for Android search bar is an extreme multi-tasker. Not only can it do the usual keyword and image searching, but it can also help filter tags, notebooks and saved searches. As you type, the search bar displays suggestions from every corner of your Evernote account, along with helpful icons that show you what the item is." .png] To avoid plagiarism charges I am also posting the source link: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/05/28/eve ... jor-fixes/
  2. I agree. For a sophisticated piece of software which is continuously updated as Evernote, it is hard to believe how primitive is the search experience. Do not get me wrongly, I am a big fan of Evenote (and a premium user) and use it on three PCs, Android phone and Kindle, but when it comes to the user experience in searching, it is at a way, way, lower level than other Evernote's functionalities. Let me give a few a examples. - I want to search only in titles, so I have to manually type in intitle: - Evernote does not remember searches so I type in something like intitle:scheicher (that is author's name), next time I want to perform the same search I have to type it again (yes, I heard of saved searches and other workarounds, but workarounds are not the point here) - I want to search for notes tagged with a particular tag, say "scheicher" is a tag, after annoyance of having to type in "tag:", instead of typing just "sc" and getting drop down menu with list of tags that starts with "sc" I have to type the full word. To overcome this I printed out list of my tags. Please Evernote, devote some resources to improving this core functionality. Simple tweaks would greatly improve user experience.
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