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  1. I have just noticed that in Evernote on my Mac, in the Notebook list, some shared notebooks are no longer marked as shared and the right-click menu item "manage notebook permissions" has disappeared. If I log into evernote.com and view my notebooks there, shared notebooks are properly marked as such as I can edit sharing permissions there. What is going on here?!
  2. Thanks - good to know. I guess that's a good solution for the long-term, but no good if, like me, I want to change which address I share from on a frequent basis.
  3. I agree - it took me a while to work out how to email a note this morning in the new interface. I use it so frequently that ideally need a single-click approach.
  4. When I email a note from Evernote on my Mac, the "from" address is "no-reply@evernote.com" - which is fine - but the "reply to" address is one of the multiple email address I use. I would like to be able to select which address this is when sending a note. Currently every time I send a note that is work related I am revealing my 'home' email address - I would rather the reply-to was my business email address. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  5. Thanks - had forgotten to pixelate. Thankful for Skitch! I've not had this error again since posting so not quite sure what causes it.
  6. I'm running 5.5.1 (the latest App Store version) - my profile signature on here was out of date when I posted the above. NB I previously ran the version from Evernote.com - and selected to run beta versions - but a problem I ran in to led to a suggestion from tech support that I should revert to the App Store version.
  7. Frequently, when I launch Evernote on my Mac (on Mavericks but now also with Yosemite), the Sign In screen appears initially, and then the main Evernote window launches (with my account logged in), but the sign in screen remains and has to be closed manually. See screenshot below. Anyone else seeing this odd behaviour?
  8. So, my account is pretty much back in order. I wanted to update those who've been so helpful in this thread, as well as record for the future benefit of other users, how things panned out. After some frustration in chasing Support for responses I was finally in touch with a senior support rep who was good at replying promptly and even logging in to help me after his own shift had finished. Thanks, Karl G. In the end Evernote could not restore my data from their end and so worked with me to restore my data from my own Time Machine backup (not yet got it set up? It's well worth having TM up and running, folks!) These are pretty much the steps I followed to restore my account: 1) Move the old database from its location on your Mac. To do this: Close EvernoteYour database is in a hidden directory. You can access it by opening the Finder, then selecting "Go" from the top menu and hitting the "Option" key. Once you have done that, you'll see the "Library" folder pop up. Select it. Next, I'm going to have you move the "your username" directory to another place. (Note: You may not have a directory in both places. Please remove whichever ones you do have, and make sure that you no longer have either before moving forward. If you are directed to "merge/replace/keep", choose to "Keep a Copy".):First go to:~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/<yourusername> and move the "your username" directory to another place (like the desktop). If you are directed to "merge/replace/keep", choose to "Keep a Copy". Then go to:~Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/<your username> and move the "your username" directory to another place (like the desktop). If you are directed to "merge/replace/keep", choose to "Keep a Copy". 2) Once you've moved the database, you will want to access Time Machine's backup and place it where your database was previously stored: go to the location where your Evernote database was stored, open Time Machine and locate your username folder in the same location from Time Machine's cache and restore it from the backup. You can now insert the directory you restored into the location where your database from Step 1 was found (Note: the folder will need to be named with your username or Evernote will not recognize it): IMPORTANT: Take the Mac off the network (Turn off Wireless/Airport)Open Evernote (if it is not currently open)Sign out of all of your Evernote accounts (if you only have one account, just sign out of that account)You should now be on the Sign-in pageUse the hotkey combination: CTRL + ALT + CMD + E (this will export your entire account to a folder which will preserve your individual notebook structure as individual .enex files, however, it will not preserve notebook stacks)After doing that, connect to the network (Turn on Wireless/Airport)Click the "Sync" button (your old notes will be over-written by the server notes)Once all your notes have been pulled down from the server, import each of the .enex file(s) INDIVIDUALLY back into the Mac client (File > Import)Sync your account once notebooks have been reimported Two comments and one remaining issue:In the final step I synced my account after importing each notebook, just to ensure that sync happened properly and to avoid Evernote having to cope with a single mega-sync after importing all of my notebooks. This meant that this stage was quite time intensive as I had to individually import and sync each of 65 notebooks. As noted above, notebook stacks (as well as tag hierarchies) are not preserved by this process and so had to rebuilt; that didn't take too long though. In order to get all of my data synced back up I had to have my account allowance boosted by an extra 5GB. Karl did this in advance and so all was fine. But it was something that the very first support guy failed to consider.A remaining issue: Karl had thought that whilst this process would likely break note links between different notebooks, it would preserve those between notes in the same notebook. This issue was discussed above in this thread, but I was happy to go with Karl's view. Sadly, as predicted in this thread, all note links were broken by this process. Karl later realised this and apologised: "Unfortunately, there is no way around the lost note links issue since syncing up to the server is creating new note ID numbers (GUID's) and thereby breaks the note links. Apologies for the misinformation. I remember testing this now and not getting the note links back so I'm really not sure why I wrote that the note links would work." So, I'll need to rebuild note links as and when I come across them. This whole situation and resolution has highlighted for me:I should be less liberal with note links and less reliant upon them if they are so easily lost. I should be slow to act on (major) instructions from support and should take time to think through (or ask on here about) the implications. (for those who've not read this whole thread, I got myself into this whole mess by following what seemed like straightforward instructions from Support, for fixing a syncing problem, but instructions which omitted to mention some serious side-effects and failed to consider that I would need an increased data allowance in order to follow them through.
  9. Thanks all. At the risk of adding more noise - as you guys clearly know much about these things than me - I am indeed holding out to hear back from Support (to be honest, I'd hoped they might be a little more responsive in this situation. Obviously I brought it on myself, but only because I followed their instructions). Based on intuition rather than knowledge (dangerous!) my hope is that restoring my account to a past point from their end - if possible - and then having that data sync down to my Mac, would keep note links exactly as they were. I'll let you know when I hear back...
  10. Thanks guys. Nothing to add at this point - I'm still waiting on EN Support. Having been told I would hear back from them yesterday, I went onto support chat last night to ask again; I was told that my case is with the representative I previously chatted with as well as a Technical Support Team Member and I should wait to hear back from them. So, I'm waiting. In the mean time I have followed JMichael's helpful advice to gain temporary access to notes that I need, by importing the relevant notebook enex as a local notebook for temporary viewing. I'm being taught something about patience - as I guess I'll now have to wait until Monday.
  11. Yes, my local export has separate enex files for each Notebook. The key thing I want to preserve is note links - I understand that that is the only thing I'll be unable to put right myself if I use my local enex files (or TM backup) to restore my account. So it does seem that what I ideally need is for EN to restore my account at their end.
  12. Support guy on chat was understanding and helpful, but wants to review the case thoroughly before deciding what to do; so I'm waiting to hear back in a couple of hours. He did suggest that his intuition would be to lead me through restoring my database from my own Time Machine. I'm still concerned that if I do that at this end and even if they increase my data allowance so I can sync it all up, won't the Evernote servers re-index my notes such that I'll lose my note links? Any advice appreciated!
  13. Thanks for the tip - I might try that as I've still not heard back from EN Support - 45 hours after my email. I thought Premium users' support was supposed to be within 1 day?
  14. Thanks JMichael and BurgersNFries for your posts above. I've still not heard back from EN Support, so it's still a question of IF they can restore my database from an earlier point as I have asked. But, if they can, then I see it as fairly straightforward, because: - I have made no changes to my Evernote data since the events of exporting my data and deleting the synced data. Additionally, I made no significant changes in the 24 hours prior to that point, so I would be happy to restore to that point in time. - After deleting my Online data (and then syncing that back to my Mac) I imported the enex files I had saved locally; but as I explained above importing them all at once resulted in all notes in a single local notebook. That was useless to me, so I deleted that local notebook. Later I realised, as mentioned above, that I could recreate individual notebooks by reimporting individual enex files, one at a time. But again, I just did that locally and since have deleted that notebook. So my Mac and online accounts are currently synced with zero notes. - So, I'd be quite happy if EN support were able to restore my online database to the earlier point in time and then if that data could be synced back down to recreate a local database. But, of course, all this hinges on what they can do. And I'm still waiting to hear...
  15. Thank you. Duly requested. Will let you know here how it all pans out!
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