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  1. I have just noticed that in Evernote on my Mac, in the Notebook list, some shared notebooks are no longer marked as shared and the right-click menu item "manage notebook permissions" has disappeared. If I log into evernote.com and view my notebooks there, shared notebooks are properly marked as such as I can edit sharing permissions there. What is going on here?!
  2. I read it and understood it. Pasting a note link within Evernote in any way should produce an evernote://link The fact that it doesn't work that way with cmd-k is a bug. There's a difference of view amongst evernote employees then as to whether this behaviour is expected or is a bug! I quote from an email from Evernote support yesterday - the underlined bit is my emphasis: Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. My name is Linda and I'll be working with you to resolve this. I apologize for the confusion regarding the new note link behaviors. The recent changes were made by design to make it easier for users to work with. When you use the Copy Note Link function and paste into another note using Cmd+V, it continues to create a link that opens the note within the Evernote app. However, if you use Cmd+K, it pastes the web-version of the note link
  3. Command-V - which pastes an internal app link (evernote://) Command-K - which opens a web address link box AND THEN Command-V which pasts an external web note link (https://www.evernote.com/...) Thank you! That's not ideal, but I just tried it and it will work for me. I just can't link something to my own description - I have to use the link text == the linked note's title. That's Ok. The way to get around this is to option+right click on the note then Copy Classic Note link. Then highlight the text where you want to create the note link, hit cmd+k and then cmd+v the Classic (i.e. evernote://) Note Link. That way you can link a note to your own description rather than the linked note's title.
  4. The behaviour your describe is expected. This is not expected behaviour. It is a bug which we expect to fix in the next release. Note links should always paste as evernote:// when pasting into Evernote itself. As a workaround, Control-click on the note, hold down the option key and select "Copy Classic Note Link" Read the OPs description more carefully - what they are experiencing is expected because they are using cmd+k, cmd+v to paste the link within evernote - which opens a web address link dialogue box and pastes within it - as expected - a web link. As I described above, simply pasting within evernote (i.e. just cmd+v) does indeed paste an evernote:// link.
  5. The behaviour your describe is expected. I have been in touch with Evernote Support on this issue and have clarified with them that the following behaviour is expected with note links in current versions of Evernote for Win/OSX: Right-Click > Copy Note Link copies a context-sensitive link. Within Evernote, as I understand it, one can then: Command-V - which pastes an internal app link (evernote://) Command-K - which opens a web address link box AND THEN Command-V which pasts an external web note link (https://www.evernote.com/...) Outside of Evernote, Command-V pastes ONLY an external web note link (https://www.evernote.com/...). Option + Right-click > Copy Classic Note Link copies an internal app link ONLY. I.e. wherever one pastes it (within or outside of the Evernote app) it will be an evernote:// link. ------- I hope that this explanation helps. I only wish that I could make "Copy Classic Note Link" the default because I never use web note links myself.
  6. Very glad to have stumbled upon this thread - I've been wondering why note links pasted in other applications have been taking me to evernote web! I emailed support about this last month but the respondent clearly wasn't aware of the change and just had me reinstall Evernote! All of my note links are for my personal use; some within Evernote, but more than half within other apps (Onnifocus, calendar). So as far as I understand it, I always need an evernote:// link. In fact for a user like me who doesn't use Evernote web and doesn't use my other apps on machines without the Evernote application installed, I simply have no need of the newer web-based note links. And so an option for "classic" note links to be my default would be ideal. Unless I've misunderstood something?
  7. I've been using the new Chrome clipper a lot recently and love the 'view all notes' tab function. 90% of the time I use Evernote for Windows and rarely use Evernote online. It's not very useful then for me that clicking on a note on the Chrome clipper tab takes me through to Evernote online. Would it be possible to link the Chrome clipper with the Windows client so that clicking on a note takes me to that note in the Windows client?
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