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(Archived) Copy and Paste Issues since Lion install



I have been unable to copy from one note and paste either into another location w/in the same note, or into a new note. I can copy from one note into pages (though I lose all my formatting), and then copy from pages into a new note. But then I have to reformat everything. Not a helpful work-around.

Anyone else have this issue, or any suggestions?

PS - I am running Evernote Version 2.2.3

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This must be related to iTunes somehow. Copy and paste stopped working for me today after upgrading my iTunes software. It was working earlier today and that's the only change. I'm still using Snow Leopard.

Did you also upgrade Safari?

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I found a strange addition to this. If you copy something then open evernote then try pasting it won't work. I then have to go back hit copy again then paste into evernote making sure it is already open. NOTE that opening evernote doesn't clear the copy/paste buffer because I can past into other programs. It is like evernot isn't reading the clipboard on launch.


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Maybe I haven't read the right posts, but I don't see how we nailed this.

I am using Evernote 3.0.2 and can hardly copy and paste at all from one note to another. Sometimes it works, but not often. This is text that is not formatted at all. I am running it on smow leopard version 10.6.8. I am pretty sure it used to work, but didn't do any upgrades that I know of. Also, I use the evernote chrome plugin. That used to work really well, but now it is freezing up the browser.

I would be grateful if someone had some suggestions.


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I am not able to copy and paste an image from MS Word 2011 (or any of the Office Apps), into Evernote for Mac 3.03. This has been frustrating to find a work around. Especially since in Evernote, it shows that an image is available for pasting, but nothing happens.

So far the work around to copy some text and the image wanted, then the paste worked. But the unwanted text needs to be removed in Evernote.

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Problems are still occurring on Mac Ev v5.0.4. (OSX 10.8.2)

The issue is very sporadic and only occurs when copy/cut and pasting check box items. I do appear to have better results when I add a text line to the beginning of the copy area, but it remains a major annoyance to the degree I must logon to my PC each day when performing my daily planning.

I realise that you have replicated and accepted this problem, but I am wholly disappointed that this basic functionality flaw still in place following the most recent version upgrade.

When will this be fixed? Please? Pretty please? With cherries on top?

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I am having issues too on my only machine that is running Lion. Copy/Paste seems intermittent. If I open Evernote fresh, it will work once or twice but then stops working.

Seems to be limited to copy/paste within Evernote. I am able to copy text from this forum post and paste it into Evernote. I can also copy text in Evernote and paste it into this forum... not that I'd want to do that or anything.

Evernote rules! please fix when you can.

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Hello again,

Since the last post in this thread, I've upgraded to Lion and Evernote 3.0.1.

And I'm still having this issue.

One thing I didn't notice till now, is the preceding blank line thing, reported by nothin7.

I can copy&paste lines with checkboxes, if not selecting blank lines preceding the contents.

If I select blank lines, nothing happens when I paste.

Not for sure, but this could have been same for Snow Leopard and Evernote before ver 3.

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I have been noticing issues with pasting since OS X Lion as well, though mine appear slightly different. I am cutting and pasting within an ever note (not from Word, etc.). Basically, if I include a blank line at the top of what I want to cut, it then won't paste. I have to go back and cut just the line, then paste works fine.

Example: cutting


sample text"

won't paste, but cutting

"sample text"

or even

"sample text


works fine. Please fix.

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I am seeing this same behavior. I am running on Snow Leopard and Evernote Version 2.3.0 (160287). This is very frustrating. How did this get past QA and into the wild? Copy and Paste seem like very basic functions that should not be failing like this.


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I can confirm this behaviour in 3.0 Beta 2 - cut some text including a checkbox and when you try and paste nothing happens. Cut the same text without the checkbox and everything functions as expected.

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I have not installed Lion yet so it appears this problem is caused by the recent Evernote update.

Unable to copy or paste.

When attempting to paste into a document Evernote DELETES 10-20 lines of text below the cursor.

  • There is no undo ...


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I love Evernote, but it's turned on me too lately, refusing to paste text where I put the cursor and worse - on one occasion - wiping out 15 minutes of research when I performed some minor operation, probably a paste, last night. Undo didn't help. It was gone, and I was astounded - and pissed. I'm still using Leopard, fully updated. For the moment, I'm afraid to do anything important on evernote, but because the app is so good I will probably continue to until it does really serious damage. Please fix this bug asap.

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I have a similar issue since upgrading to Lion OSX.

I can add new notes in the evernote desktop platform but both the body and title in the second column entitled "notes by date updated" appear blank.

When I click on one of the blank notes however the content does appear in the review/edit pane on the right, and can be edited.

Very strange and obviously makes it impossible to scroll through recent notes, since all notes added since upgrade to Lion OSX are blank and cannot be read. Old notes can be scrolled and edited ok.

Any suggestions?



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I think I am having the same issue on Snow Leopard.

Mac OS X 10.6.8, Evernote 2.2.3 (158341)

I can't paste text with "To Do Checkboxes". Nothing happens with Cmd+V.

I noticed I can paste them without format(Shift+Cmd+V).

This is pretty annoying because I can't re-order my todos with copy&paste.

Rendered HTML pasted from Safari sometimes can be repasted in notes, sometimes fails.

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