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  1. +100 for plain text. Please, please. I love this app, but all I ever use it for is plain text editing, and with the new iPhone update the app is now basically unusable. Everything is in paragraphs (double-space) instead of simple line breaks (single-space). I am considering switching to the PlainText iPhone app. Edit: never mind, just found Simplenote for the iPhone and Notational Velocity for the Mac (which syncs natively with Simplenote). Wish I had known about these apps sooner! Evernote is great for all the bells and whistles, but for simple text editing and organizing, this is much cleaner, faster, and easier to use.
  2. I have been noticing issues with pasting since OS X Lion as well, though mine appear slightly different. I am cutting and pasting within an ever note (not from Word, etc.). Basically, if I include a blank line at the top of what I want to cut, it then won't paste. I have to go back and cut just the line, then paste works fine. Example: cutting " sample text" won't paste, but cutting "sample text" or even "sample text " works fine. Please fix.
  3. I would love if Evernote could go fullscreen like some other apps in the new OS X Lion.
  4. I'm having the exact same problem. Evernote is always running on my iMac 27", OS 10.6.4, and I have it set to sync every 5 minutes, but it only syncs if I do it manually. Please advise.
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