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  1. I would like to upvote this suggestion and add one thing to it. Put a switch in preferences that allows the user to choose whether they want note titles or notebook titles in the tab title area.
  2. It would really help me be organized to be able to specify certain tabs to open automatically upon opening the app. There are certain tabs I use every day, yet every morning I have to waste time looking for and opening those tabs. This and the request I already upvoted (put notebook/note names in tabs instead of 'all notes') would really make this useful.
  3. I definitely need the tabs feature. I used it heavily. Not having tabs makes Evernote almost unusable for me. Removing tabs was a very poor decision. What I don't need are more windows open. Now I have to seriously consider finding somewhere else to put my notes. This is ridiculous that you arbitrarily removed this feature
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