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FEATURE REQUEST: ability to embed searches within a note

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It would be nice to be able to define a search within a note like a url, so that clicking on it executes the search. In that way, you can have a system where you keep one note to organize other notes about the same topic, without having to constantly update that note whenever you add a new note. For example, if you have a project XYZ, you can have a summary note entitled "Project XYZ" (or tagged XYZ), and then have the following useful search links:

[Meeting minutes for Project XYZ] --> search for intitle:"XYZ minutes" (or tag:XYZ tag:minutes)

[Action items for Project XYZ] --> search for intitle:"XYZ actions" (or tag:XYZ tag:actions)

I realize that you can keep the text of these searches in the note, and simply copy and paste into the search bar, but to be able to just click on them like a url would be very slick.

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I'm thinking that eventually Evernote will need to add some ability to organize saved searches, maybe in a tree-like structure like tags.

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Perhaps allow Saved Searches to generate something like a "Search Link" when you right click on them in the list, similar to how Notes let you create a Note Link which can then be inserted into a note like a regular hyperlink. I imagine there would need to be a degree of coding involved to allow Evernote to recognise the difference between regular hyperlinks and Evernote Search Links.

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This thread is a couple years old, and still don't see a way to embedded saved searches.  I have tags for each of the 52 weeks of the year, I assign follow ups based on them, it would be really nice to embedded a saved search for all notes marked for follow up in June or July.

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Just came across this, as I was searching how to do it! Please, please do something like this!

In a world of collaboration where you can share notebooks etc, you want to share ways of navigating through items/ideas. I can't see saved searches allowing this, yet embedding a search could work well - eg something like {$search/interesting products/notebook:"product ideas",tag: interesting, tag:innovation,created:20130301}. This should display as a hyperlink so everyone working in the shared notebook can follow the link and see items building up as they are contributed.

I get the impression that Evernote is quite stale in innovation... It's also frustrating that linking notes together is a clunky "find a note in the UI, click the copy link button and go back to where you want to reference to then paste it back in, then edit the link to give it a readable name". Why isn't it more Wiki like - eg. Use some syntax like above or press shft-ctrl-k and get a popup list where you can type some search criterion to filter down a list of notes to pick one and embed it where you are typing?


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Like the others - I was looking for the ability to embed a saved search into a note.  I very much understand saved searches, but the point is having the capability within a note.   Right now most try to "nest" and hyperlink notes between notebooks and tags directly and through primary or indexing notes.  The capability would really enhance the effectiveness of a primary or indexing note with reduced efforts required  to organize and maintain. 


Evernote has evolved searches to have much more capability. It would be great leverage that capability even more.



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One more vote for this feature. One of my uses for Evernote is keeping track of contacts. hoping to embed a few saved searches so that I could incorporate more dynamic content within each note.



  - Saved Search_Gift Ideas

  - Saved Search_News Items

  - Saved Search_Related Contacts




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