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  1. Instead of: create note from file theFile notebook {"NOTEBOOK"} tags {"tag1","tag2","tag3"}try: set theNote to create note from file theFile notebook {"NOTEBOOK"}repeat with theTag in {"tag1","tag2","tag3"} assign tag theTag to theNoteend repeat
  2. Unfortunately, since you are a premium subscriber, I don't have an alternative idea for what you are observing. Sorry!
  3. Scannable apparently converts 1-page scans to images, and multi-page scans to PDFs. PDFs are searchable (via OCR) only for premium subscribers of Evernote, whereas image files are searchable for all users. Are you a premium subscriber?
  4. @SethG I noticed that FileThis always saves the statement to a note with title that follows the pattern: <account name> <account number> <date>.pdf Would it be easier to just parse the note title, rather than search within the attachment? If so, then you would not need a regular expressions, just the last 14 characters of the note title. Instead of (or in addition to) modifying the creation date, I would find it more useful to rename the note title with the the date first rather than last. Could you show how to do that with Applescript? Thanks -saverio
  5. I thought handwriting OCR occurs only for jpegs, OCR of typed text occurs with both pdf and jpg.
  6. A reasonable compromise is to scan each bill individually into a separate note with the appropriate title and tags. Then at the end of each year, merge all the notes from that year into a single note.
  7. I am not a writer, but stumbled on this and thought it might be helpful to some: http://getyarny.com/
  8. Do you need to have your Mac on when you scan?
  9. I am confused. If all you changed was the title, could you not search for the note using the new title, and then change the title back to what it was?
  10. In Evernote Mac and Evernote Web (I did not try other platforms), you can take the clipped note, after the fact, select all, and then change the font color to black. However, I am not sure if this can be done automatically during the clipping process itself.
  11. Check out http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8108#p107704 The post has a link to a 3rd party app called Jazzaround that facilitates switching between Evernote accounts.
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