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  1. Closed/Positive - it looks like the upload problem was corrected, uploaded the 1st time :-). - Hanging/freezing of adding tags to multiple notes appears resolved. - had alot of crashes in past, so far, so go Open: - Previously reported glitch with changing colors of text still occurring (selecting a font, it will not change color until the color "Licorice" (Black) is selected" and then can change to any color you want - "tables" - still do not have the enhanced functionality that was displayed in the clip (previously reverenced (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=evernote+beta+5.6+tables). If you would please confirm, was this clip misleading or is this the functionality that we are supposed to have? Much thanks!!
  2. Jackolicious - much thanks for the link for the update - after 2 days of failing to load through the app, the link did it. A couple of issues (I do not know if it relates to the problems related to loading or note): Recurring, but not consistent bugs Selecting a color from "crayon palete" colors stick, need to select "black" and then the color I want. Consistent Bugs In ability to adjust tables (new table formate comes up, but canndo not have the new ability to resize) as shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oupmGYHxmYE Photos used to automatically scale to fit the note, now the photos are all different sizes - the "handle on the right side of the Image" does not appear Selecting multiple notes - the common functions such as adding to the same notebooks, add common tags - are not active, change to presentation mode or creating a table of contents All new capabilities come with their share of initial glitches, thanks for all you are doing to make Evernote an even better tool!
  3. I upgraded to 5.6.0 - some great new features, really like the changes to tables (was really looking forward for some time for the enhancements to tables). Looking forward to the energy and time savings. Teams' efforts to make Evernote better, very much appreciated! After a couple of hours of use, one minor comment - when changing font colors - sometimes it appears that the colors "stick", i.e. you click on the desired color, but the text does not change color; I found that if I clicked "black" and then the color I wanted, the problem cleared. Thanks again
  4. Like the others - I was looking for the ability to embed a saved search into a note. I very much understand saved searches, but the point is having the capability within a note. Right now most try to "nest" and hyperlink notes between notebooks and tags directly and through primary or indexing notes. The capability would really enhance the effectiveness of a primary or indexing note with reduced efforts required to organize and maintain. Evernote has evolved searches to have much more capability. It would be great leverage that capability even more. Thanks
  5. I agree and would like the capability. As noted by cmbkln, it supports visual consistency with the "post-its" strategy. Also, it would support highlight color theming promoted in several productivity/memory retention programs. Additionally, for different learners - ADA and non-ADA - the ability to use different colors supports "seeing", comprehending and organizing information. Please note - for many in these demographics, changing font colors actually generates more confusion; the productivity/advances occur and are more profound by changing/highlighting the "background" behind the font (blocks of themed data). Dyslexia is one of the most common language-based learning disabilities (70-80%), representing approximately 5-10% of the US population (with some estimates as high as 17%). As we move away from paper and paper based tools, it is important incorporate similar capability in digital environment for all demographics. Thanks. T
  6. Has anyone ever experienced that are times that the blinking cursor disappears (still have mouse cursor)? I have several note links (organizing groups of note links around themes) and the blinking courser disappears so you do not know where you are in the note. Really odd (and frustrating).
  7. Please add back/forward back on individual note windows. I use them more on individual windows then main windows, and there must be some people like me. Very much agree - the embedded links are in the notes; partial fix. Once I open a note ...all the problems previously discussed for 5.0;0.1 still apply (would be great right before and on the same level as notebook pull-down).
  8. Ok, I figured out font resizing. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on the URL field? When I open a note, click on the "i"; there is a field to add the URL (the note history is there ...if you have never used - note history can be a lifesaver (a mini-"Time-Capsule")
  9. Mike - I hope so. I listened to the video (the entire video and the discussion at 20.:30 2x) - the current design is contrary to/inconsistent the discussion; especially the first few minutes. Especially the first few minutes. I discussed the Back & Forth Arrows above - so lets discuss moving tags. Moving tags - Previously you could select the tag hold it and drag the tag to make superior or subordinate across with other tags (select and drag). The current version: a. move away from the tag you are working; b. select tags; c. find the tag you want to move; d. move the tag to the tag/tag level (since the tags do not automatically open when selected; if the new desired tag is 2 or 3 levels down - doubled or tripled process); e since the moved tag does not come up/become visible - you have to get out and get back in. It is really a terrible, frustrating process - so select and drag has turned in to a multi-step; thought distracting process. Not good. I very rarely take time out to discuss products - but I found this product so empowering, such a great tool, so many uses - it is an exception. I have recommended so many to use it; leverage it across product teams - that I am so very disappointed about the loss of productivity. I hope for sake of "UI much more visually compelling and impactful - that felt simpler without actually removing anything, was easier to do things more quickly without adding more stuff to the screen, feeling of simplicity but actually giving people quicker ways to do things" ...that Evernote has not "jumped the shark"
  10. Mike, much thanks I do appreciate the work around (and took from previous). I am really commenting to an error or bad decision to remove this capability. The strength of Evernote was/is its simplicity. To me, it feels like the additional key strokes and loss of functionality take you/your focus from creation and flow - resulting in interrupted thoughts and activities necessary to generate or produce the idea; multiple points of distraction or interrupted in thought, flow, and focus. Very minor visual cues / references support accelerated performance. Seems to me that the decision is one of esthetics over the capabilities and personalizations. It seems to me this version, while improving and has good features, its certainly not as efficient as the older version. I did not upgrade laptop from previous version and very glad that I did not.
  11. Much Thanks for the return of Drag and Drop Notes, Note Counts, and trash button. GOOD!! PLEASE: Bring Back & Forth Arrow Toggle - IT IS KILLING PRODUCTIVITY FOR PEOPLE WHO USE NOTE LINKS. If you use note links within a note - it is very easy inadvertently or intentionally click a note link - to find you are now on the liked note, but now your stuck trying to go back manually to find the prime note (find the notebook, find the note; go to all notes and hopefully find it within a sorted by update). Makes painful. PLEASE RETURN - at least give me the option.
  12. ...One thing thing I was wondering for evernote for mac ... when we have an idea that comes upon use - we flash think of evernote - we have to take our hand off the mouse to do Control+Command+N or go into Evernote and then click on new note. Any chance of using this as an opportunity for enhancing an option off the dock icon (like safari's dock icon' one click option for a new window; so that the evernote dock icon could have a an option for a new note …potentially a second option for a new window - it would speed idea capture and fluidity - our hands stays on the mouse)?
  13. Thoughtfull discussion and comments (thank you all). Like the others, I like several features and really love Evernote. It helps me in so many ways. A couple of thoughts after using a couple hours: Desire for user customization The toolbar - - old - Back/Forward buttons - critical when working internal links between notes - old - trash can - speed Color / Size contrasting - people have different preferences ("Clearly" plug-in is a nice example, simple) - For others it goes beyond preferences (ADA context) - vision/processing is directly influenced by color contrasts Please bring back or allow customization: - lost the ability to select a tag with control+clicl to delete, rename, sort - lost ability to select and drag multiple notes to tag - lost note counts in the sidebar for Notebooks and Tags Again, MUCH THANKS!!!
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