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  1. Hello All - Hopefully I'm just overlooking a feature or add on application and am seeking your advice regarding the share feature in EN (Windows, Android) I use the share feature to email notes, each time typing in the email addresses, for some notes that I send regularly, I've resorted to keeping a separate note with the email addresses to cut-copy & paste into the share dialog. As far as a feature request, it would be nice if EN remembered a history of who we've shared notes with via email and provided an auto-populated list while typing in email addresses. Is there a better way to manage contacts for use with the share feature, am I overlooking an add on application that would make this process easier? Curious how others managing email address when using the share feature. Regards Tom
  2. @BurgersNFries - I just chatted with support- ORing in saved searches is not possible - here's what they said "Karl: Unfortunately, this search option is not available on Evernote. I'm really sorry. I can forward this along as a suggestion to our development team. Would that help?"
  3. Excellent, then I must be overlooking how to add an OR Here's my current saved search tag:7.Jul-W1 tag:7.Jul-W2 tag:7.Jul-W3 tag:7.Jul-W4 tag:7.Jul-W5 All of the tags are ANDed, what is the syntax for ORing these 5 tags?
  4. Evernote team please add OR to searches...Please!!!! - I tried Bitqwik, it looks very powerful, but it's not my cup of tea
  5. This thread is a couple years old, and still don't see a way to embedded saved searches. I have tags for each of the 52 weeks of the year, I assign follow ups based on them, it would be really nice to embedded a saved search for all notes marked for follow up in June or July.
  6. I'm sure many of you pro's out there already figured this out, but today I imported some of my old OneNote note books and was surpised how well the tables were formated. Like many of you I'm not a fan of EN tables, the continiouly adjusting widths drives me nuts, and I already am nuts so.... Anyway, I created a 3 table template for testing, each of the tables were next to one another, and the column widths were fixed. So unless I'm overlooking something obvious, please tell me if I am, I'm going to use OneNote to create nice and functional EN templates
  7. Please don't laugh, my company still uses Lotus Notes. I'm looking for advice regarding emailing notes created in EN. I often email notes that I've taken in EN, and the email feature works well, however for some notes I'd like to send it from my work mail program Lotus Notes. For text notes, cut, copy and paste works just fine, however that does not work if the note contains a picture. Two questions 1) Is there some trick to copying and pasting a note that contains an embedded picture? 2) Is there a way to set Lotus Notes as my default mail program, so when selecting to email a note, that note will appear as a new email in Lotus? Any suggestions or pointers is greatly appreciated Regards Tom
  8. Humm... seems like this is still not fixed in FF or EN Windows desk client. Frustrating beucase easily adding notes to clipped web pages would really help our sales teams work flow, improving the usefulness of EN.
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