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  1. By using "Custom Quick Settings" from the Play Store, I've added a "Quick Note" tile to the Notification Shade's Quick Settings panel. A couple of swipes more than using the built in notification feature, but it keeps the notification shade clear of unnecessary static notifications.
  2. I mentioned this on the first beta thread. No one responded, so I figured either it was just me or people didn't care about unresponsive menu items.
  3. The beta has succeded at one thing. It's given me a reason to use Enote Touch. The new V5 GUI is just plain ugly in places.
  4. Two observations: Where did my scrollbars go?Can you please change the UI so that it looks like a native WINDOWS app rather than something with a custom UI slapped on it? I have a Windows PC, I want my apps to look like they belong on Windows system, not OSX. A potential Bug The "Show Unassigned Tags" menu option in the View menu is unresponsive. It's stuck on the checked state.
  5. Can't see any "Print" commands within Evernote Touch (the same can be said for a lot of the "Metro" apps to be honest). A workaround I just discovered is to use the Share option to send the note to Mail, send the generated email to yourself, then print it from the Mail app.
  6. The reason why I was asking was that I was unsure whether it was a bug or simply a "yet-to-implemented" feature.
  7. I guess I'm the only person who uses the Note Link feature then.
  8. I have a couple of projects in Evernote that heavily use Note Links to create a "landing page" that cross links the various notes in the project. This is extremely useful on Android as when the main note is "fullscreened" clicking on a notelink opens up the linked note in a kind of popup. I was hoping that something similar would happen in the "Metro" version of Evernote. But for some reason., clicking on notelinks does absolutely nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Do notelinks work in the Metro version? Its a shame as I'm really digging the way I can "dock" the Metro version to the side of the screen in a similar manner that I could do with OneNote on my old Win7 machine.
  9. It may look nicer but basic functionality has been compromised. I cannot scroll left and right properly in a note anymore. Scrolling right is (occasionally) possible but any attempt to scroll left swipes the interface back to the home screen. I cannot zoom out, only zoom in* The menu key is utterly unresponsive** Please add an option to reduce the size of the user interface font*. Currently the large(ish) font and white space mean there is a lot screen real-estate wasted on making things "look nice". I vastly referred the interface of the previous version. It was crisper, cleaner, neater and more professional looking. The grey "menu" bar at the bottom of notes and list screens is ugly. Reminding me of Windows 95 UI styles. * Not everyone has large screens ** The VAST majority of Android users are still using 2.x devices which use a hardware menu key. Google may like us all to start using software keys or upgrade to ICS, but I'm not going to spend £200+ on a new phone just to please them. By removing menu key functionality, you may be following ICS GUI guidelines, but I bet the vast majority of your users are not yet using ICS. And I bet the majority never will since version 5 of Android is cpming hot on ICS's heels before many manufacturers have released upgrades for their existing phones.
  10. Oh, and I believe Samsung recently overtook it as the largest phone manufacturer in the world.
  11. Evernote DO support Nokia, just their Windows Phone models. Since even Nokia themselves are dumping Symbian, it makes no business sense for a small company live EverNote to support Symbian as a platform.
  12. Even my old Macintosh Performa 600 running System 7 had colour coding (as well as tagging) for folders in Finder. So it's hardly a new idea either.
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