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  1. By using "Custom Quick Settings" from the Play Store, I've added a "Quick Note" tile to the Notification Shade's Quick Settings panel. A couple of swipes more than using the built in notification feature, but it keeps the notification shade clear of unnecessary static notifications.
  2. FYI, you can also allow the Search box on Android Smartphones/Tablets to search Evernote Notes.
  3. MacOS did at one point have colour-coding. Back in the System 7 days, you could use Finder to "label" a folder (an early prototype of tagging?). Each label colour-coded the folder icon. Ubuntu (at least the version on my parent's PC) can also apply a colour or background image to folder windows as well as custom icons. Also, the Windows client (and probably the Mac as well) already colour codes notebooks. Grey for local notebooks, green for synced notebooks and blue for shared ones
  4. I do not believe I have EVER in insinuated that tags are wrong, that hierarchical organisation is the only solution to all organisational issues, nor have ever insinuated that people who believe differently are ignorant luddites who refuse to adapt. And for the record, I do use Tags. I just would like the option to mix and match tags and stacks to suit the particular need I have at the time. Tags are not the answer in every case. Stacks are not the answer in every case. Sometimes, it helps to use both. Edit: I'm not saying the Enote is a piece of poo, or far from perfect. Out of all the software solutions I've tried, its comes close to being perfect. I adapted to not having Onotes "write anywhere" method, and no prefer Enotes. I find the cross-platform existence of clients incredibly useful when sharing notes. There are just a few features I wish it had that would bring it just that one step closer to perfection. Stacked stacks is just one, having a button on the toolbar (desktop, mobile and web to strip the formatting from selected text (or the entire note) is another.
  5. That is an incredibly arrogant and insulting position to take. Even with the smiley. I suggest you look in a mirror. Your way is not the ONLY correct way of doing things. It is painfully obvious that the virtual organisation that tagging employs is simply not enough for some people. And insulting people with opposing viewpoints is not the way to evangelise a product. :-x
  6. And yet, the topic of structure (be it sub notebooks or stacked stacks) keeps coming up. That in and of itself says something.
  7. No offence, but you also chose to use a minority operating system with the full knowledge that there is no garuntee that Application/Service X would be available. To get a little indignant that a company chooses to prioritise development to larger, more popular platforms seems a little silly to me.
  8. Or they could add Stacked Stacks for those people (and this topic keeps coming up enough times to indicate its a not-insignificant number) who want to use "notebook level hierarchy" since adding it shouldn't in any way force anyone to change the way they currently use Enote if they don't want to. Those who want Stacks within stacks (in other words a Project > Section > Subsection way of organising their notes without resorting to tags) are happy. Those who just want to use Tags are happy as the change in no way effects them.
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