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Help I'm worried my Evernote account has been hacked?

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I'm worried my account has been hacked.
I'm getting this message when trying to login "For security reasons we disabled logins using your account. Please click "Reset Password" below. We will send an email to the email address on file containing a link to reset your password."
How do I know that it's real, and if I push the button to reset password that it will go to my email and not some hackers?  Or does Evernote periodically expire passwords.  As I can't log in I can't access support to get help!
This suddenly happened, I'd previously been using Evernote during the day.
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12 hours ago, LFCB said:

I'm worried my account has been hacked.

Hi.  This has happened to me (the reset,  not the hacking) so you should be safe.  You're seeing the message when connected to Evernote,  so it's most likely to be an official warning,  and they're offering to email you with a separate link - just make sure the link goes to some variation on https://www.evernote.com...

That email may go into your spam folder,  and it will be addressed to your account email address which is presumably your log-in address too.  If there's a problem you'll need to contact Support - we're mainly other users here.

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I think, of this was widespread, we'd be seeing lots of reports. We aren't so this looks like it is connected to your account, device or network.

You may need to raise a support ticket but sadly these are taking sometime to resolve at the moment.


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Look to Evernotes own blog post 29.12.23

 We preemptively reset vulnerable passwords with an automatic password reset for accounts that didn’t have two-factor authentication. These accounts were particularly vulnerable to attacks through a weak or reused password. Affected users were then prompted to update their password the next time they opened Evernote. And again, I highly recommend setting up two-factor authentication!


Could this be your issue?

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Also, @LFCB, whenever I get something like this - whether from Evernote or a different service provider - , I right click on the "reset password" link, copy the link and paste it somewhere where I can see the text of the link, and look at it carefully to confirm that the link is taking me to the service provider's website and not someplace else.   Look carefully for misspellings or substitute letters that you might not notice if you just look quickly  (for example "m" or "1" instead of "n")  that might take you to a counterfeit site.

If all looks good, then go back and click on the link.


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