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  1. That's not of much use where EN have me throttled to 5.33.0 on the web version and it doesn't have the Home Page or widgets. ....Grrr I'll see how I get on with Shanes workaround version on the Desktop app.
  2. Not seeing anything on my V10.11.5 Where should we be looking?
  3. @gazumped Watched Steve last night and took part in the live webinar chat. I agree with Steve's take on a lot of things and the overall management decisions and approach that has been taken by Evernote is understood, I even agree that it makes a lot of sense. Where I have issues is that they're providing upgrades, desktop front ends etc, but rectification of bugs and restoring previous functionality is just not forthcoming. Steve didn't ignore the issues, several times he mentioned lack of functionality and how it messed with workflows for "power" users. I did take exception to him
  4. @bradypatterson I'm in the process of exporting enex files by notebooks at present. Evernote is raising some errors advising a file cannot be exported, but it give no detail what file that might be. I've a suspicion the issue might be around password protected files, or very large attachment's. Any ideas on how these rogues might be found?
  5. @Mike P I've a theory that the issue is arising because I'm running both V10 and Legacy. I think there's a database hook fault somewhere. You're probably on the mark, clearing the database and forcing a new download may solve it, but I'm not really in a position to afford the time to do this at present.
  6. I'm at the same juncture. I bought Nimbus on a whim several months back and toyed with it but didn't apply any serious time to it. Having waited for V10 to improve, I'm at a stage where documented issues are not getting resolved in a timely manner and the recent updates have been more about window dressing than resolving bugs. For example, it's unacceptable for a tag search or filter to provide a null return and this has been flagged in other posts since V10 was released. I'm in the process of importing all my 17,500 notes into Nimbus and then I'll give it a proper stress test. Dou
  7. mrothmay, I am having the same problem in Win 10 and at the moment it is a deal breaker for me. Searching by tag is my most frequent search. I have noted that if I delete the original tag from a note and reapply the tag then it persists and this modified note will show in a tag search. But there's no way I'm going to retag 17,536 notes. 😵
  8. Thanks Cal, In some ways your storage need is very close to mine. I haven't had a worry about local docs, I've no problem with mine being on EN servers, I see this as better security than a local hard drive and back up files elsewhere. That which I store is information useful to me and my clients, but of little commercial value or sensitivity to others. Anytime I've needed, I've made use of data encryption within a note. I'm running on a Surface Pro, so hard drive space is limited, hence my use of OneDrive for file storage. I've never explored windows indexing, I assume it works across
  9. I never could get on with SSM, to me it was only a scanning conduit. SSH didn't start out too well, and I fully agree Fujitsu communication and update process is a shambles. I only see SSH as a front end conduit for my documents, OneDrive is the storage platform. As I've replied to Stefan, I think a lot of my issues are Evernote weariness. For me V10 has the potential to be a great product, but its not a patch on Legacy for getting work done. I cancelled my premium subscription last Autumn in some form of protest, only to renew again at the start of the year when I couldn't find a better
  10. I'm on Windows so Keep It doesn't work for me. Pity I like the look of it. I get what you're saying about Fujitsu, I'm aware of their history and do have concerns about the quality of their software and product development. I wouldn't give ScanSnap a second look if it was holding by files in a proprietary container. I'm very much on the fence with Evernote at the moment. I've been an advocate of it since very early days. Back then I was an avid note taker, today this has migrated to a document hoarder. Data portability and sharing to others have become much more important to me.
  11. Is anyone here on the forums using ScanSnap Home as document management front end? I've found it in conjunction with OneDrive as the file storage location to be a passable alternative to Evernote for my use case, with a tagging system available for data retrieval. It's not a note taking software, its a file management system in much the same vein as Paperport so it won't work for everyone. There are some elements that are "kludgy" such as sometimes having to manually request a reload folder for new documents to appear, or .pdf editing within ScanSnap viewer limited to files gene
  12. Is anyone using ScanSnap Home as a document management system? I only occasionally use Evernote to take property survey notes with pictures for work, but my primary use has been as a document filing system, 90% being in .pdf format. Last year, long prior to V10 fiasco I was asked to share a collection of documents on a specific use case. Because of IT protocols the company would not download Evernote to share an EN folder. I ended up having to copy all out as pdf files again and sharing as a OneDrive folder which suited their case as they were all an Office365 subscription. A
  13. Do you mind sharing what application you are using Stefan?
  14. He did seem to be pretty unsure about how the new version worked. I noted at one point in the Q&A he was asked about inserting a .pdf into a note and wasn't sure how to and indeed if it was still possible. I came away with the overall impression that he liked the bare bones changes when using it as a note taker, but didn't seem to address the myriad of use cases and how the new version is broken to all of us using it as a depository / document management / storage facility. I like Steve's approach and his video's in general but this one to me seemed half researched and like
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