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  1. Happening to me too - Version
  2. Having similar issues. Greyed / white out screen for no apparent reason. I have to close system tray files from Task Manager to get Evernote to come up again. The failure seems to be random. I haven't been able to pinpoint an action which is causing it.
  3. Yes, Happened to me also. I was 3 days off reset and had >3/4 of my monthly allowance used. Bingo, all of a sudden reset to full quota. Still shows 2 days until a monthly reset, so might not be of a great advantage to me, unless I can find 10GB to upload in 2 days. 😏
  4. The most recent update of Opera was 26th Feb 2019. Enclosed is the Opera update log; http://ftp.opera.com/ftp/pub/opera/desktop/ This would tie up with when the Evernote web access seems to have disappeared.
  5. I'd say I noticed it around mid-week, but as It could be several days between use of the web client, it might well have been broken since the weekend. Did Opera not get an update around last weekend?
  6. Yes Dave, you're not alone. It happened to me in the past few days. Like yourself using Version:58.0.3135.79 of Opera. I don't use the web version that often, preferring the windows client, but I did think it odd that it had been working and support seems to have been withdrawn.
  7. On Windows Ctrl : will give you 05/02/2015 19:44 I don't think there is a method to change the format although there may be a method unknown to me.
  8. Reminder notes accessible from the home screen would be a big plus for me. Would make the reminder facility workable for the first time and allow me to keep all my reminders on one app.
  9. ifanasyev, 1) Yes only appears when trying to enter account details on EN3 portable. No error in EN3 desktop 2) Appears immediately on pressing open button. Perhaps 2 second delay. 3) It is a 512Mb stick with 388 currently free. My EN 2 portable and database is also installed on this stick. Not sure if that has some relevance. 4) I have just installed EN3 portable on a 1GB SD flash card and it is behaving properly. Logged in satisfactorily and is currently updating client database as I type. Given these facts, I suppose the likelihood is that it is either a physical space issue with the usb stick or that EN3 portable does not like to be installed alongside EN2 portable. I need to use EN 2 or 3 portable on my work PC as we are not allowed to install any software on the PC, and it is running IE 6 which is not currently supported for the web client.
  10. iafanasyev, When I run EN 3 portable from memory stick it asks to log on, then gives the following error. Any ideas? Nigel
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