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Evernote Mac export to ENEX not working, does anyone have a recommendation?

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It's that time of year where I do cleanup, and I am unable to export notes from the Evernote Mac client.  Steps to reproduce:

  1. open Mac client (10.68.2) on Sonoma 14.1.1
  2. identify Notebook I no longer need.
  3. RIght click on that notebook, select "Export notebook..."

the dialog box that pops up immediately has a spinning wheel of death. (see attached photo) It never completes. I've let it run for hours.

To troubleshoot I have:

  • Tried this on multiple notebooks (same result)
  • Tried selecting just 3 notes within the notebook to export (same result)
  • uninstalled the Evernote Mac client and reinstalled (same result)

I would appreciate any recommendations.


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thanks for the quick engagement.  Same result. E.g. Export to Single Page .html

  • gets to 8% before freezing on the first notebook, and 4% before freezing on the second
  • to me this suggests a data problem, but there's nothing unusual in either of these notebooks, and I've tried several others with the same result.
  • my cleanup last quarter Exported fine. maybe a Sonoma issue?


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This appears to be an Evernote-on-Sonoma issue. 

Found my old iMac still running Ventura and export worked fine for the first 2 notebooks I've tried. So, I am now able to export on Evernote 10.68.2 on Ventura successfully.

Still unable to export on Sonoma.

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I have this same problem. I right-click on a folder then click "Export Notebook" then click the "export" button, but for me nothing ever happens. I don't even see a "loading" indicator. It's as if the Export button just doesn't work or doesn't do anything. 

I'm on Monterrey 12.6.1 on a Macbook Air. Using Evernote 10.70.2. I'm on the Free plan. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 11.46.11 AM.png

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really sorry. you are stuck where I was!

fwiw (for Evernote fyi if they're looking into this) I was on the paid not free plan (had been for a long time) with same result as you when installed on Sonoma.

It worked for me on Ventura. 


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I have the same issue in Sonoma now - I get that spinning that was mentioned at the beginning of the string of messages. It goes to 82% then stops. I even deleted many notes and still stops at 82%. So it is not stopping due to one specfic "note".


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Thanks, I did what was written by Vincent and it worked. I had to run "export" a few times as it would fail. Each time I ran it, it got a little farther along in the percentage saved. After the 5 tries it saved 100% and now it always saves to 100% each time. Odd but at least now it works. Thanks for the info!


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How do I download my years of information inside Evernote?  When I go to the site a big popup emerges and I can click on anything on the page.

Does Evernote have a support email?




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