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  1. really sorry. you are stuck where I was! fwiw (for Evernote fyi if they're looking into this) I was on the paid not free plan (had been for a long time) with same result as you when installed on Sonoma. It worked for me on Ventura. 🤷‍♂️
  2. That's good to know, thanks. Unfortunately I never could get it working. I had to use a Ventura machine to do my exports.
  3. This appears to be an Evernote-on-Sonoma issue. Found my old iMac still running Ventura and export worked fine for the first 2 notebooks I've tried. So, I am now able to export on Evernote 10.68.2 on Ventura successfully. Still unable to export on Sonoma.
  4. thanks for the quick engagement. Same result. E.g. Export to Single Page .html gets to 8% before freezing on the first notebook, and 4% before freezing on the second to me this suggests a data problem, but there's nothing unusual in either of these notebooks, and I've tried several others with the same result. my cleanup last quarter Exported fine. maybe a Sonoma issue?
  5. It's that time of year where I do cleanup, and I am unable to export notes from the Evernote Mac client. Steps to reproduce: open Mac client (10.68.2) on Sonoma 14.1.1 identify Notebook I no longer need. RIght click on that notebook, select "Export notebook..." the dialog box that pops up immediately has a spinning wheel of death. (see attached photo) It never completes. I've let it run for hours. To troubleshoot I have: Tried this on multiple notebooks (same result) Tried selecting just 3 notes within the notebook to export (same result) uninstalled the Evernote Mac client and reinstalled (same result) I would appreciate any recommendations.
  6. to me, this is the most logical conclusion of their actions to date. If I consider the possibility of e.g. a Google acquisition, their actions makes sense. from these forums alone, they've clearly alienated long term highest-revenue users. their silence makes it clear they don't care, indicating these users are not important to their go forward strategy their data is in google cloud. they attempted to evolve their TOS in 2016 in a way that would allow them to mine our data without having opted in. shedding premium users would actually reduce that objection and make such a change easier. they've long resisted encrypting Anything. AND they've removed support for local notebooks. to me, this suggests there has to be a bigger monetization play in the works. and to me, the most logical assets are eyeballs (revenue or not) and data (ads) I've been meaning to pull my more sensitive notebooks out of Evernote for a while, and this whole process has given me urgency. I'm still using Legacy for the time being, but I'm watching these conversations closely.
  7. Yup. this is true DT is Apple only. I am all apple and do not use or intend to use anything non Apple, so this is not a showstopper for me
  8. 10+ year Evernote paid user here. I have found Devonthink to be feature-complete (and in many cases superior) in tag hierarchy and management. Full disclaimer: Plenty of other tradeoffs to consider and I haven't made the full leap yet. But have spent a month trialing DevonThink in parallel, and it does tagging better.
  9. @Piotas curious what made you choose Joplin over Devonthink? In my testing it looks like Devonthink handles those 3 Joplin objections.
  10. right, understood. and also, many of us are exclusively in Apple. for those of us who are, is anyone aware of a compelling reason to stay with Evernote vs Devonthink? I'm still doing my own research and haven't found many yet, but I'm sure I'm missing some or we (Apple-only Evernote users) would all already be gone. So far, I've found only one material issue: The import from Evernote of notes with embedded PDFs appears to split the note into a container note, with two sub-notes (the text and the PDF). That messes with my archive . not sure if there's a way to change that or not, I'm still investigating.
  11. I'm a long long term Evernote user. This upgrade -- and what we've learned about the company from the way it has handled this forced upgrade -- has caused me to revisit my goal of finding an alternative. Have spent an hour on Devonthink this morning, import was simple, it feels feature complete so far. And it lets you encrypt your database -- which is the #1 reason I have been meaning to get out of Evernote for a while. Anyone here know why we haven't all already switched to Devonthink? If you're an Apple only user... what am I giving up by moving from Evernote to Devonthink?
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