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  1. Thanks for asking I forgot that detail - it is a Mac. For me it only stays open to a certain level. The "A5. Hobbies" and "Hob- Bird" would be expanded but not anything inside that folder of the tags (per my attachment). I want all the tag folders expanded and to stay that way
  2. Since I see that this is a area a lot of folks use "tags" I use them heavily for my organizational needs. It seems that Evernote has changed something in the past year. In the sidebar (which I keep open all the time) I could see all my tags even the ones that were subtags. Now they collapse, so to see them I have have to click on the "right arrow" to expand it. I would like to keep all the tags showing even the subtags. Is there a trick to this? If not any hopes Evernote folks to add this function back? See my attachment for what I want to be able to see all the time with tags. Evernote issue with tags.pdf
  3. I am glad I found this post to find out about the issue. I was having this problem for a few days of having some of my notes missing data (PDF or excel). It would be just a few - I would locate it and fix it but it kept on happening to new data. Only 2 or 3 at a time would have an issue. Now that I have loaded the newer version as mentioned in this post, it has stopped this behavior and also I got back the last batch of files that were missing. (I saw them on the server) so I knew they were still there. For me it appeared it would not find it on the client side. Anyway, glad it back on track for me anyway, thanks for having it fixed so fast Evernote. I am still very happy with the product! I will be coming I hope to your event on Wed for users to learn about tips on using at your office in Redwood City. I just wish there was a easy way to save the files on the mac for more peace of mind like on windows with a .enex extension, my 2 cents anyway.
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