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I have reached 200mb limit! What to do?

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Hi everyone.

I am using evernote to make visual notes. I stored a lot of computer screenshot in order to help me memorize a lot of things without typing too much text.

But the system reminded me of the 200mb size limit, and i am not even done with my note taking. Far from it.

I tried to copy paste my note into wordpad, but the images / screenshots are not copied there.

What is the solution to this? I need to move my notes somewhere else, they are very important and i dont want to be limited to 200 mb. I cannot be limited, i mean.

Should I export it as ENEX file and save it on one drive, open it with evernote everytime i need it? is this a possible solution?


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Hi.  The size and resolution of your screenshots will affect the size of the file - I just took a screen shot of your post forinstance,  and at full size and 300 dots per inch (print quality) the file is 132KB.  At half size and 96dpi (screen quality) it is 10KB  - I could fit a dozen small size images in the same space as the larger one.  There's no visible difference if you view them on screen.  I use the free XNView app to crop,  edit and change size.

Also 200MB is one note size limit - can you split your note into multiple sections?  You could use a Table of Contents note to list your images and jump between them.

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2 hours ago, stevediaz said:

Export as ENEX File: Export your notes, including images, as ENEX files and store them on cloud services for backup.

Upgrade to Evernote Premium: Consider upgrading to Evernote Premium for higher storage limits if you rely heavily on Evernote.

Reads like an AI reply - exporting won't help with future image-heavy notes or managing existing ones;  Premium is no longer aavailable. 

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39 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Again raising the question of how useful AI actually is. I've reported it.

Wow - and there it was,  gone.  Actually I zapped another post by the same user earlier which simply reopened an old thread by repeating a solution that had already been posted.  I was giving this one a chance,  but RIP steve...  ^_^

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