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  1. "Open, Edit & Save attachments Directly in Evernote Notes" is one of the most powerful functions of EN. It work perfectly and as importance as drag & drop in most of the software. Understand that this may not be the problem of EN, but Big Sur. However, this was happened in the upgrade of OS X in 2017. Why cannot yet fix after 3 updates nowadays? Obviously there is something wrong in company QA system. And management do not allocated more efforts on importance functional bugs, but an duplicated interface call "Home". the problem is, why I can't chose use it or not? I use EN a
  2. I don't think OCR is necessary in EN personally. Because it already have a very powerful search function. It can search context within the PDF including images based and even handwriting. Suggested to install some independent OCR app will be much powerful and easier to do this.
  3. The case is you need to “remember” everything and take it out and use it when you needed
  4. Is that mean the problem talking here is not problem, we must calling you for solutions one by one?
  5. He just said "heard you", and throw out something, then go home sleep. Work or not is "your problem", not him. That why EN become worse.
  6. Dear Mr. Ian Samll, I would like to say thank you to Evernote, and Mr. Stephan Pachikov. Evernote saved my works and company in 2020. I am running a small family business in Hong Kong and our factory in China since 1994. And I started using evernote since 2008. The mainly function of Evernote for me is mainly a "Document Storage System". In my memory, terms of "clouds" was not popular at that time. But EN was the first one giving me this mobility when I running between Hong Kong and China. EN let me no longer traveling with my heavy notebook. In the meantime, I tried Chin
  7. Problems as below: The "Move to Notebook" icon next to the Notebook name on the top-left conner is very poor, it is hidden and fade-in slowly when mouse hoop over (looking for it). It is a poor design and slow down the efficiency of work. Why EN like to using things like this design? this poor design also on login pages password field only show after input the ID. But this is not always work in some countries that blocked google.(I don't know if it is related, but it is really frustrating me, I am in Hong Kong but always need to travel cross borders). When will the Shift+CM
  8. I don't think it cannot. Many apps have "lite", "pro", "free", "trail", why not "legacy" int the same time in store, or saying "the only workable version"? Just do it, NOW! And replying your last sentence, it is not FREE to telling you questions here, we PAID for it. But we cannot REACH you in fact.
  9. sorry that I didn't see this post before and started a new one I really don't know what to do with this workless rubbish on my phone. I am using EN on work, and it lost ALL the functions that we were using well before. The only thing keep me here is my 16,000 notes was hijacked and a little bit of last hope. But what the fxxking icon on my iPhone & iPad for, if it cannot cap my doc, screen, web, pdf by share with? What for an icon only cannot save my data and sync easily without hesitating? What this icon for charging my money but can do NONE of a things I need? And why I ne
  10. I really cannot work with 10. I am using EN on working. It waste me many time to double check if my doc really saved, my documents shared to EN is really success, or finally, I need to save in iCloud and save agin to to EN on my desktop. It is NOT a productivity tool or software be. and totally not worth to pay a cent for. Already downgraded my desktop EN, how can I down grade my iOS EN? or I must do my last move. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡😡🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯
  11. how come no one reply officially here? this is the most basic and powerful (at the beginning) and most common (nowadays) function one a mobile phone, but totally lost. I already re-installed many times but all my iPhone an iPad not work on share with. So, why I need evernote? How it can be my second brain? How it help me to keep memories?
  12. Hope Evernote have a function like Obsidian, can make a "New" note within a Note. Now EN can linked the notes by using internal or URL links (Poor V.10 not as easy as old version, just drag and drop). But If needed to add link, it need to open the master note in new window and copy link and paste. ( or jumping btw. notes, if they are in different notebook(mostly), will be very poor experience.
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