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  1. After a day of using after upgraded, EN seem ok and no big problems (not every feature used or check). Hope it will be okay. I am using EN in China (Don’t ask me why don’t use China version), but there is many problems. For e.g., template cannot be saved or get. And ever the web version, the password field didn’t pop up after input username at user page. Hope it can be fixed in future. thanks
  2. Catalina released. But EN team do not have any official announcement on this. Am I safe to use my evernote after my Mac upgrade?
  3. Hello EN team, We (most of the EN users) are really suffering from Evernote in the last 2 macOS upgraded. Even this Safari upgraded. Actually, Apple announced stopping 32 bit apps support years ago. But YOU did nothings. And how about this Catalina upgrade? Will it missing some functions, or missing pdf attachments again? What is the beta release from Apple for? Please noticed that Evernote no more the unicorn of note taking apps anymore. STOP disappointing those users still standing with you. Steven
  4. Cannot drag the note from list to sidebar notebook
  5. Yes, But what I want is easily switching between Single or Double sides scanning when need. Because this need is changing when I scanning every document, depend on actual situation.
  6. Few years ago, I mailed to CS about the option of "Double side Scanning" for a EN ScanSnap. But nothing changed Really, the ScanSnap is very clever, it can auto detect and ignore the blank page when saving. However, as the concept of Eco-Protect, double-side using of papers is very common in office. Right now, it need to click to press 6 times mouse to change the setting double side or single side on Mac (I don't know Win). It is very inconvenience for a heavy user to setting time to time, may be up to 10 times a day. (I scan all my documents to EN as my online documents management too, I scanned 17 thousand pages since I bought the scansnap 4-5 Years before). Suggested to put this setting on the top level of menu. But CS replied that, the menu setting is for new user. First, I doubt that a new user will buy Evernote ScanSnap? Second, it can have many ways to simplify it, like using hotkey short-cut, add a quick option on the top level of menu, or as most of the scanner driver, have different mode for novice & expert, etc. Looking for any supporters to push EN make the improvement. Thanks.
  7. I found out after: 1. my version EN 7.5.2, with MacOS 10.14 is not work, but after upgraded to 7.6(beta 1), the "Template" option show up. 2. I am using evernote (International) in China. When I using "Normal" network, it cannot save template. But if I connected network over the GFW, it can save the template. Not sure the reason, but I think because of the template is not saving in the same way as note, but separated place which have difficult connection, like I am in China. Because I was updated to 7.6, before testing the VPN, so I am not sure if 7.5.2 is the same reason.
  8. Same as mine. Updated Mac version 7.5.2, but the template function do not work. No option on new notes, not saving option on the menu. I reinstalled, but not work. I tried web version, found that it only have the option on "new version" of web. However, I tried to save a template, if save to "Space". I cannot open my saved saying "No Template". Even I tried to download and save from the demo template, it didn't work. I am also an paid member for many years. And now have few thousand of notes. How can Evernote killing a loyalty member by such poor quality? Once more, after MacOS Mojave, the notes list also display with unwanted "black" Highlight bar.
  9. 在使用內部記事連結加到特定的筆記,或外部後,使用是正常的。但如果把筆記轉移到其他記事本,便出現斷鏈,找不到。這是正常嗎?有點應用不合理。而且記得很久以前,是沒有這問題的。記得以前試過刪除了都能指到垃圾筒去。因為那筆記連結該是唯一而且永久不變的。該是還能把筆記連結發給他人直接在瀏覽器打開,無需登入的年代。 現在有很大的麻煩。記事本很亂,但又一敢整理。否則內容又斷鏈。真不知怎做好
  10. I found that there is what I mean in window version. Only missed in Mac Version...
  11. Hi, I have a suggestion, or may be I missed something. Normally, I will add note by mobile or clip or any ways, and put it in "Unsort" note book. And then move them by Evernote Mac version. However, I found that it need few more step to move the note to NEW NOTEBOOK. It needed to go the Notebook organizing area to add new notebook and then go back to original and change....... I would like to ask, if it is better to add a "Move To New NoteBook" at the list of Changing notebook in the note instead of only adding on the Notebook organizing area? Thanks a lot.
  12. Hope to have a simple version in web. Suitable for Eeepc 701
  13. I would like to have the following functions added, please kindly think about. 1. Table function. I try to copy some table from words or web, but cannot. Hope it can add some simple table function. 2. Wiki like, I would like to link up some notes from one to other one. hope there is some way to do so. Hear about there is already have extension, but don't know where to get. (it can be used in en2 by setting hyperlink). 3. changeable database path. I normally using a usb hd as my data save. I would like to point the database by 2 or more computer in same usb hd. I tried portable version, but it will lose the function of clipping from firefox (never test in IE) and portable version is quite slow. Thanks.
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