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  1. It is very hard if you drag to notebook within more than 50 notebooks and layers. And I have more than 100 notebooks within 15 stacks. Productivity: Highest is Hot Key + type in, Second is mouse click button + Type in, lowest is drag & drop.
  2. The "Move To" notebook button of notes are now hidden and hover when mouse on. It is very poor design and very difficult to click. Please let it "Always Appear", Thanks. And the hot key was very poor because shift or something "cmd+M" was merge notes. It was too easy to merge pressing wrongly in the old version. So I "Hate" to use this hot-key. 螢幕錄製 2021-03-29 下午3.07.21.mov
  3. Finally, it work with mac Preview. After half year of yelling by users!!!!
  4. Personally not agree to have this function. Because I am using EN in China. It will be highly risky to be blocked if EN can be too easy to publish into public, like Notion. It can be export instead of share directly. Poor us, this request is very normal, be our choose is very limited.
  5. Can make EN choose which software to open attachment like the previous versions? this was lost in EN 10
  6. When inputing numbers with Chinese Input Method (mac build in CJ), the thousand sign and dot for dollar and cents will become full character but not half. In previous version, the comma, thousand is full but dot sign can keep in half character. the comma can be input by alt-, but the fullstop must be input by change back to English input it cause very inconvenient. Don't know if it os problem of EN or macOS. but hope it can be choose or auto change to half character when , or . following numbers.
  7. I found that it was the problem of Preview. The pdf can be edit and saved back to EN if I changed the default software to others, and not only pdf but everything edited by Preview cannot be save changed. However, there is no menu to select software as previously version, and there is no better software for me to give Preview up as my default viewer. What can we do?
  8. Hahaha! What the F function they did but not improving the function Lost & Needed by old users. QC or new designs are half only, even the devices number can use for an account. Only the price remains unchanged.
  9. "Open, Edit & Save attachments Directly in Evernote Notes" is one of the most powerful functions of EN. It work perfectly and as importance as drag & drop in most of the software. Understand that this may not be the problem of EN, but Big Sur. However, this was happened in the upgrade of OS X in 2017. Why cannot yet fix after 3 updates nowadays? Obviously there is something wrong in company QA system. And management do not allocated more efforts on importance functional bugs, but an duplicated interface call "Home". the problem is, why I can't chose use it or not? I use EN a
  10. I don't think OCR is necessary in EN personally. Because it already have a very powerful search function. It can search context within the PDF including images based and even handwriting. Suggested to install some independent OCR app will be much powerful and easier to do this.
  11. The case is you need to “remember” everything and take it out and use it when you needed
  12. Is that mean the problem talking here is not problem, we must calling you for solutions one by one?
  13. He just said "heard you", and throw out something, then go home sleep. Work or not is "your problem", not him. That why EN become worse.
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