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Forwarding of Gmails into EN v10 notebooks with pre-assigned tags does not seem to work

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I've posted on this before but have continued to test it out (windows 10 desktop, EN v10) and it does not seem to work.  Here are the instructions that EN gives:

Send hotel reservations into the Travel Planning notebook and tag with japan:

  • Email Subject: Hotel Reservation @travel planning #japan

I have tried this every possible way and can not get it to work.  The notes simply get forwarded to my default notebook regardless of using the @ sign.  Also, no matter what I put after the # sign, the tags do not show up.  They should show up as "Resume DianaLopez" in my "Work" notebook and tagged with "GH".  I have tried capitals eg:Work, work and GH gh but that doesn't help.  I've also tried spacing the @ and # in different ways but that doesn't work either.  Has anyone gotten this feature to work?  I forward tons of emails from Gmail to EN and would like to be able to get them into the proper notebook with the correct tags directly from Gmail.




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I do this all the time and it works a treat, only difference is I'm not using Gmail.  

Is Gmail messing with the subject line at all when it forwards ? Try CCing yourself to see what happens. 

Can you do a straight email send into the correct notebook?

If not have a chat with support. I have a bunch of automations in my email client and they end up in the right place so it would be worth check with support. 

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I'll say that I've never (since long before v. 10) found the emailing system to be reliable. I can get it into my default notebook, with no tags or reminder, and I take it from there and tweak it. I use a Comcast email address and Thunderbird software, or the Comcast online portal. Learning the precise, fiddly syntax has never seemed worth my time, especially since the tiniest error, or no detectable error at all, can cause it to just dump bare into the default notebook. I'd rather fix it up once it's in. But of course I do this pretty infrequently. For those who rely on it heavily as part of workflow, it would be worthwhile to know how to get it working right.

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Some subject lines from my forwarding yesterday... this is what was sent to EN:

Fwd: Your Canva invoice @Receipts Dump

Fwd: Google Workspace: Your invoice is available @Receipts Dump

Fwd: Payment of £XXX from XXXX for XXXXXXXXX @.Inbox #Flow

All ended up in the correct notebook.

Again, I don't use Gmail so maybe its a Google thing?

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I forward things from Gmail but they are just 'blind' forwards - no changes to the email title,  so they just go into my default notebook.  I use Filterize to check incoming new notes for keywoards and move them to appropriate notebooks with any necessary tags.  

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I figured out the problem.  It was quite idiotic.  For no particular reason I had put little emojis next to my Notebooks ( I think I initially did this for visibility).   Nonetheless, they have messed up the forwarding strategy ie: forwarding to @Home doesn't work when there is a cat emoji after the Home notebook.  Once I removed the emojis it all worked perfectly.  





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