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Connection between Evernote and EXCELL

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Good morning,
I am using Evernote, last edition, to collect information regarding two main books ( companies and projects ) and I use an EXCELL ( Microsoft 365 ) data base to elaborate some of that information. The connection between the two programs are the titles of the notes through the linked names. I use Mac platform and all is ok.
Now I need more functions to elaborate my data that EXCELL hasn’t on Mac platform and I migrated to EXCELL for windows. I am using a virtual machine by Parallel. I open EXCELL data base and I find all sheets and information, but the links to Evernote don’t open the right note. Means that I enter in the Evernote application but not in the right position. Suggestions ?
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I never thought I'd say this but, as I get older, I need a bit more clarity in the text that appears on screen. Perhaps you could chose a darker font colour.

I copied the text to another application so I would suggest that you go to the home of the forums and search for Excel. You might find some useful conversations there.

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1 hour ago, Marco Baccolo said:

The connection between the two programs are the titles of the notes through the linked names. I use Mac platform and all is ok.

Hi.  It would also be helpful to us to see an example link/ screenshot - are you linking to the Evernote note,  the XLSX file or where?  When you click on your link what do you see as the results?

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Thanks for your attention.I am enclosing 3 Screenshot. 2 are by Excell in Windows and the last is the result in Evernote on MacOS platform. If I change the name of the company on Excell the linked name in Evernote is always the same.If I repete the same operation having EXCELL and Evernote on MacOS platform everything is OK.  

Screenshot 2023-06-03 alle 08.11.55.png

Screenshot 2023-06-03 alle 08.16.13.png

Screenshot 2023-06-03 alle 08.16.27.png

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Hi again - in general, links are a one-time copy of the URL and its associated text.  Link to a note titled "Foo" and your link will show "Foo".  Change the name of the item to which the link applies to "BAR" and the link (I think) will still show "Foo" but you'll wind up at "BAR" if you click it.  I.E changing the name of an item in Excell is not reflected in anything linked to that item (AFAIK) in Evernote or anywhere else.  In the same way that you can edit the link in Evernote to say something unrelated to the actual target,  changing the name of the target doesn't affect the link,  which actuallly works on a unique identifier unrelated to anything...

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Thanks. I have a note on Evernote Name "Foo". I get the Link of this note and I copy the name of this note "Foo" and relative link into a cell of Excell. Before testing the functionality of that connection I must add a / in the Evernote link in Excell modifying the original link. In this mode all is ok. I have always a connection between the relative note "Foo" and the cell "Foo" in Excell. This happened when Evernote and Excell are in the same platform MacOS. My Problem is coming when Evernote is on macOS platform and Excell is on Window platform. In the screenshot you see the cell "Miba" on Excell Window  go to "MTA" in Evernote MacOS. The same on MacOS platform is OK.

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On 6/3/2023 at 6:08 PM, Marco Baccolo said:

I use Mac and I have a Virtual Machine for Windows with Parallel

I can't try myself, since I don't use Office at all. But I think the problem is with the VM, and how it handles the conversion of actions between Windows in it's sandbox, and applications on the host Mac.

Probably you could work around it if you install the EN client inside of the VM as well.

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17 minutes ago, davidjohn87 said:

I appreciate your dedication to organizing your information using Evernote and Excel

I love the smell of AI-sourced posts...

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