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  1. Ok.Thank you. How can I find the note in Timemachine Backup ?
  2. I use Evernote Premium with Mac and I weekly Backup with Time Machine. I have Lost one note, I think purge on the trash.Can I recover ? Can I
  3. I have a note with several Excel files. One of these has a lot of connections with some cells of other documents. I have created these connections on the desk of my Mac and after I have saved the Excel files in a same note. If re-open the files and I change some datas, the file with the connection don't work , means that the connection fails. Have any suggestion?
  4. I have sent a message one week ago regarding a big problem that I have using to use Evernote 7.5 with Mojave 10.14 regarding the list of notes that during the scrolling come black and it is very difficult to work with. you say that you know this and you would have solved in the next release. Now I see 7.5.1 and I have the same problem . What can I do ??? Please solve asap.
  5. Thanks, but your Evernote update is 7.5 ????

  6. I am using Mojave 10.14 and Evernote 7.5. I have big problem : on the note list I have Black line on some title notes and it's impossible to work. This black line appear after click to open the note. All the system appear slower. Please solve the problem !!!!!
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