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EN Windows V10 all notes off line

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The offline database should be long downloaded by now. I have Gigabit internet at home, but it did download way slower. So I don’t think that a slower internet should be an issue.

For 46GB I would expect maybe a week until it is done, on anything with 25Mbit/s and upwards.

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I have all my notes stored locally on phone and tablet. However it did not complete automatically. A few notebooks did not complete and has to be manually unset then reset to local storage. The situation for laptops may be different, can someone throw more light on this?

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I've moved from legacy to newest version in januari. I use it on multiple computers. I find it horribly slow many times during many operations I do frequentlyI like PinkElephants suggestion of monitoring your data traffic from/to the app to see if it is finished syncing, and also I noticed after crash of one of my computers (BSOD) that Evernote can get damaged/out-of-sync and I simply have to reinstall. My whole DB of ~25GB takes days to resync after reinstalling/deleting data. Ctrl+R seems to trigger syncs I think.

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Ctrl/Cmd-R does a „Reload“. Since v10 is based on a framework, which is a browser without front end, I believe we should think about it like a reload on a browser: It refreshes (loads) the current view, but it won’t start a full database download.

Just my 5ct. …

P.S. I have no issues on 2 Macs with EN being slow or anything like it. It is quite snappy, and does what I need it to do.

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I have installed the latest version and still having problems with an incomplete EN offline DB. When I get fast internet and PLENTY (numerous days) of time I'll delete the local DB and recreate it.

Thanks for the comments


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