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Evernote Windows huge difference in the size the folders on my desktop & laptop

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In my Windows Evernote folder I have more than 30,000 files and more than gigabyte of data than my laptop. I have been syncing the laptop for a couple of days and it has stopped - should I be concerned?

I know where the internet is available it will not be a problem, but I'm off doing research (my research data in stored in EN) and in many places the internet will not be available.



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Thanks for the suggestion - I've tried it with half a dozen searches, and I can't find any records with 'missing' data - It just seems a huge amount of data to be missing. I would try deleting the Evernote data file on the laptop and recreating the files, but with slow download speeds it takes a verrrrrry long time to download. 

Desktop 45.7 GB 895,226 files 21,156 folders - Laptop 44.7 GB 863,1454 files 21,2123 folders.


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The comparison folder on a Windows PC is %AppData%\Evernote assuming you are using one of the v10 apps. This is the space where your data is stashed. Just how the data is collected and stored is a mystery to many of us so I could conceive that the two PCs might assemble the stored data in different ways.

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As @PinkElephant - I use windows and there are a ton of free apps that will help you find differences and duplicates.  I assume you'd need to work on name only though - the two folders will probably not use the same coding as they're in a different OS.  You may also need to connect to your phone by wire rather than wifi for speed and accuracy.

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