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Why does Evernote want to access my contacts for Google Calendar integration

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Today I thought I might try the new(ish?) integration with Google Calendar. I clicked on the widget, which took me to the "Evernote wants to access your Google Account" sign-in page. To my surprise it says that Evernote not only wants to access my Calendar events, but also my contacts. Why? To me, this feels like a step too far, as this would not only jeopardize my own privacy but also that of my contacts. Of course I'm fully aware that by keeping my stuff in the cloud I'm already putting my privacy at risk, but handing over my contacts data from one company to other for no apparent reason does not feel right. So which functionality exactly in Evernote requires this? And wouldn't it be nicer if the user had a choice in this (potentially limiting functionality)?

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I don't know enough about the Google API but it is quite likely that to make the connection Google requires that Evernote has access to the contacts. 

Evernote has a fairly significant connection to Google resources. I don't think that this means Evernote is grabbing your contact information.

It will be interesting to see what happens with contact information when the Outlook 365 connection goes live soon.

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...As @agsteele - it would seem logical that the calendar permissions include people you might want to meet with and/ or send appointments to.  The categories are pretty broad,  and you can rely on the fact that Evernote is not going to spam your contants or otherwise use their details for commercial gain.

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19 minutes ago, Rense said:

it good practice to tell the user why their data are needed before the data are handed over?

It may be good practice,  but I don't know of any software that follows that step - all you ever get is something to the effect of 'this features requires access to...'  - there's no "because..."  And please note 'access to' doesn't mean full and unrestricted - 'access to Gallery' forinstance just means "I need to save and display pictures if you take any".  Access to Calendar and Contacts just means "if you ever ask me to send a meeting to others,  I will be able to do so..."

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This "account access" stuff seems to send scares all the time, but in fact it is dirt simple: I own an account with Google, I own an account with EN. When I now allow myself (EN personality) to access my own Google account, I only authorize them to cooperate to join MY OWN data from one side to the other.

It is completely unimportant if it asks me for notes, calendar, camera, contacts, whatever. It is my account on both sides, it is my data. This is really a no brainer.

The use case and the privacy exposure would be completely different if I don't own both accounts that are going to be linked. Then I should really decide which data I want and need to share.

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