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Send e-mails to EN specific notebook.....automatically

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I know we can append @notebook name and an e-mail will be filled in the corresponding notebook. But I could not find a way to make this run automatically in my e-mail client. I tried gmail, zoho-mail and Airmail. None of them allow you to create a rule that will change the Subject line and then forward the email.

Right now all e-mails go to my inbox. But working in a team, I would like that some emails would go into a team notebook and not my personal notebook.

I tried Zappier and could not make it work there either. Zappier will bundle all attachments and images into a Zip file and I would like to maintain the original e-mail format, just like when we forward and e-mail into EN.

Has anyone been able to do this?

EN could allow us to create a specific e-mail address for each notebook....

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53 minutes ago, Eduardo E said:

EN could allow us to create a specific e-mail address for each notebook....

Not currently an Evernote feature   
It's a feature of third party Filterize

Filterize also offers you an address for every notebook. Just go to the mail-in page at Filterize and paste your Evernote email address there. Now, you can use the Filterize mail-addresses. Every notebook has a distinct one.  

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Hi.  I use Filterize and have a 'lot' of notebooks (300+) - it's actually easier to ask Filterize to tag and move notes based on source email addresses and keywords.  I just get all my emails sent to the standard email address and leave sorting them out to Filterize.  It's easy(ish) to set up something called 'parameterisation' where I have one note containing a table with keywords / tags  / notebooks in a table.  Filterize then does a lookup of my table against every new note - "if note contains <keyword> add <tag(s)> and move to <notebook>". 

Editing or adding new rules is just a question of opening the reference note and adding / changing cells. 

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I realize this probably won't help you, but just for the record Thunderbird has an add-on called EnForward that can be configured to forward emails to a specific notebook. The limitation is that once that is specified, it becomes the default until you change it in the add-on's options.

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