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  1. All of my shortcuts are gone! I used the "insert date" and "quick switchers" a lot. Please bring them back!
  2. I also do not like how the splitting of Business and Private account now creates two different profiles here in the Forum! Depending on wich Evernote account I'm logged in, the forum forces me to use that specific account. Sucks. Scannable also no longer knows about my business account, and if a note goes to the private account, I can't move it to the business account anymore. I guess I will need to create a shared notebook between the two accounts. But this used to work much better when the two accounts were connected. Hope this will improve in the upcoming versions.
  3. I'm experience the same slowness. Especially when: * switching from Business to Private accounts * Duplicating a Note * Deleting a Note Things that I'm missing a lot: * Shortcuts. There are no more shortcuts. * Notebook switcher shortcuts The search I think it is better the way it is right now. It is just a matter of getting used to it.
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