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Copy and paste not working in the newest version

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I am using Evernote via Chrome on a Windows 10 computer and with the latest update, I can no longer copy and paste from the Windows Snipping Tool to a note.  I noticed I also cannot select clips I previous pasted as a picture.   I can copy and paste text. 

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No idea since I am not on Windows. I remember similar reports here, but about Windows 11.

Use the EN helper instead of the Windows snipping tool as a workaround ? It has snipping capabilities as well, and will send the snipped directly into a note.

Edit: Have not noticed it is the web client, no helper there.

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Still seems to work for me on Windows 10, Chrome and EN web. Does it work in a different browser?

v 10.39.7 web 309
Editor: v150.2.18380
Service: v1.53.4
Chrome is up to date
Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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Working for me too... I use the Windows screen clipper (Win+Shift+S), highlight the area to clip.  Then I open a new note (or an existing note that I want to add the clip to. Click in the note editing area and press Ctrl+V. After a moment the clip is added to the new note.

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