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Copy and paste not working in the newest version

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I am using Evernote via Chrome on a Windows 10 computer and with the latest update, I can no longer copy and paste from the Windows Snipping Tool to a note.  I noticed I also cannot select clips I previous pasted as a picture.   I can copy and paste text. 

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No idea since I am not on Windows. I remember similar reports here, but about Windows 11.

Use the EN helper instead of the Windows snipping tool as a workaround ? It has snipping capabilities as well, and will send the snipped directly into a note.

Edit: Have not noticed it is the web client, no helper there.

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Still seems to work for me on Windows 10, Chrome and EN web. Does it work in a different browser?

v 10.39.7 web 309
Editor: v150.2.18380
Service: v1.53.4
Chrome is up to date
Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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Working for me too... I use the Windows screen clipper (Win+Shift+S), highlight the area to clip.  Then I open a new note (or an existing note that I want to add the clip to. Click in the note editing area and press Ctrl+V. After a moment the clip is added to the new note.

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Agsteele,  I have tired with various computers and various browsers and I simply cannot paste from the clipboard or snipping tool or WIN-Shhift-S as you suggested.  Cutting and pasting from the snipping tool continues to work well on the old version.  



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Win+Shift+S is a built in Windows function so you can try clipping with that method.  Then, does that clipboard paste into a different program - say Word? If that works then the confirms that the Windows screen capture is working. If not then that confirms that the clipboard isn't holding the image. Armed with that information you can open a support ticket.

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Using Evernote 10.57.6-mac-ddl-public (4112), "Paste into Evernote" via Ctrl-Cmd-V does not work. I also have a computer with Evernote 7.14, and it continues to work fine there.

I changed the global shortcut from Ctrl-Cmd-V to Ctrl-Cmd-P. Now it seems to work. But not always. It sometimes works, but sometimes it requires Evernote to be in the foreground.

This implies there is a conflict in shortcut key assignments. However I have always used Ctrl-Cmd-V, so there should be no other conflicting assignment. Further, I sometimes use a tool called Cheatsheet.app to show what key assignments are available. While using that with Evernote in the foreground, it shows no assignment for Ctrl-Cmd-V (before I changed it).

So I am thinking that the Evernote shortcut keys are messed up.

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Do you have the Legacy version 7 AND the new v10 on the same computer?  If so, the chances are that they are both attempting to take control of the keyboard shortcut.  So changing Ctrl+Cmd+V to +P would resolve that.

I don't recommend enabling shortcuts in Legacy when v10 is also installed since it creates multiple conflicts.

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Thanks for your quick response to this old thread!

When I said "I also have a computer" I meant that "I also have a separate computer".  So two separate machines, and not the conflict you are correctly concerned about.

I was previously thinking that I would upgrade on the old computer to the latest version, but have decided not to at this point due to minor issues experienced with the new version. Not ready to dig into those issues further at this point. Rather I commented in this thread while trying to resolve the shortcut not working.

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Shortcuts are offered by many apps, and since the number of „easy“ combinations are limited, there is a lot of room for conflicts. Nobody can answer if and when this happens without thoroughly analyzing what is running on your computer, and how shortcut settings are.

That it works sometimes, and sometimes not may simply be related to which apps were used in which sequence. The last used will probably switch shortcuts over to its settings, overriding the shortcuts initialized by another app used before. Even if you don’t use the shortcuts in the other app and are not aware it exists, it will take over.

There is a table from EN listing the standard shortcuts for both legacy and v10. It can be used to identify and sort out conflicts between these two. This is the table for Windows, similar tables exist for other platforms:


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