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  1. I got a new Mac. I had been using Ctrl-Cmd-E, the EN default for searching. On the new Mac, for some reason that keystroke just will not work. I did not assign it to some other program, and I have searched various places to see if it has been pre-empted somewhere. Cannot find it anywhere. As a workaround, I have assigned Opt-Cmd-E as the EN search shortcut. That works some of the time, but it is flakey in that sometimes, that just does not work either. Any ideas?
  2. The last tip from Khun Jo save me today (ie, EN preferences > uncheck "Show Evernote helper in the menu bar" > quit EN > reopen EN > recheck > quit EN > reopen EN. It happened to me today that the Helper disappeared and would not come back with repeated EN restarts. On Mac after a combination of reset printer, reboot, reload Time Capsule and USB printers.
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