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  1. I got a new Mac. I had been using Ctrl-Cmd-E, the EN default for searching. On the new Mac, for some reason that keystroke just will not work. I did not assign it to some other program, and I have searched various places to see if it has been pre-empted somewhere. Cannot find it anywhere. As a workaround, I have assigned Opt-Cmd-E as the EN search shortcut. That works some of the time, but it is flakey in that sometimes, that just does not work either. Any ideas?
  2. The last tip from Khun Jo save me today (ie, EN preferences > uncheck "Show Evernote helper in the menu bar" > quit EN > reopen EN > recheck > quit EN > reopen EN. It happened to me today that the Helper disappeared and would not come back with repeated EN restarts. On Mac after a combination of reset printer, reboot, reload Time Capsule and USB printers.
  3. My situation is almost the same, but a bit different. Evernote was upgraded on my system to version 6.0 on 28-Nov-14, and to 6.0.3 on 04-Dec-14. It had continue to work fine after each of those upgrades up until earlier today. Then suddenly this afternoon, all the notes were blank. After reading this thread I saw that it was recommended to reboot my Mac, and also to replace the App Store version with the direct Evernote download. Trying the simplest thing first, I rebooted. After that, the notes are all back. No replacement of the app needed. I am reporting this because it seems my situation was different in the following ways: 1. Problem only occurred two weeks after new version of Evernote. 2. Only the reboot was needed. My machine had been rebooted sometime during the last two weeks, but apparently the "reboot to fix" is only effective once the problem has occurred. Hope this helps someone.
  4. Version 5.01 reads Right click a notebook -> Properties -> Make this my default notebook You are not the first who is attempting to advise how to set a default notebook. However, please note that this only works for sync-ed notebooks. It does not work for local notebooks. Although I am sure it used to, as that is how I originally set it up. You may not have any local notebooks set up. I suggest you set one up, then right click, and you will see that the "default" choice is not offered. At least not on the Mac version.
  5. Thanks for your quick response. The odd thing is that I am positive that when I first started using Evernote, I had it set up so that my default notebook was a local notebook. I saved dozens of notes there using the Ctrl-Cmd-N window, and checked numerous times during my initial setup to make sure it was a local notebook (because I had a lot of graphic files I was importing temporarily and did not want to use up my upload allotment for such temporary files.) So it was important to me to have this apparently unsupported combination. Since the conversion to Evernote is done, it is no longer so important. But since I follow the method of (1) initial import into an Inbox, then (2) later tag and assign to final destination, I would appreciate not having to use up upload allotment before deciding that I am actually going to keep the note. So this is a mystery.
  6. Your suggestion works for synchronized notebooks, but my question is about local notebooks. The is no choice for "make default notebook" on local notbebooks. Please try it yourself on a local notebook and you will see.
  7. I don't believe this information is correct. Since I started with Evernote, I set up a local notebook called inbox and made it my default notebook. New notes were always created there, no matter what. But for some reason, the default notebook inexplicably changed to another notebook. There is no way I changed that consciously. And now, I don't seem to be able to get this back to the way I want it. It seems that only synchronized notebooks can be made the default notebook. So something has changed in Evernote or more likely, I just don't see how to get it set up again. Frustrating.
  8. I am feeling really stupid about this. Everywhere it says "click to add tags" and I have spent 15 minutes clicking and "nothing happens". I finally just started typing at the "click to add tags" point, and lo and behold, it puts in the tag. I think "click to add tags" is extremely misleading, as when one clicks something, one is expecting a response. For example, a dialog to open, or an entry field to appear. Yet "nothing happens" so that there is no indication or cue to the user that the system is expecting typing at that point. When you click on "click to add tags", the system should respond with at least a color change or an appearance of an entry field. "Click to add tags" should otherwise be renamed to "To add tags, click and start typing". Of course that is clunky, and it would be far better to have the system reveal some sign that you are now in an entry field other than the blinking cursor, which is not enough of a visual cue.
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