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Evernote to Wordpress ? Any method that works yet?

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I have thousands of notes I need to turn into Wordpress blog posts. They are photograph heavy, every conversion scheme I've used at best will transfer the text but not the images. Any methods to turn notes into wordpress pages?

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Don't think Postach.io would help to convert to Wordpress - their published pages are basic HTML,  but with Postach.io-specific codes.  How about directly exporting notes to HTML pages?  Would Wordpress import from a folder of HTML files?  -Unless someone has written a specific app I don't think there's an obvious solution...

(And by the way,  are you converting on a Mac or PC and what OS are you running? - It might be relevant...)

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The only solution I've found is cut and pasting the text from each evernote note, you loose any formatting, which for me is mostly just bolded or italic text areas. 

But the images are the real problem. 

Right clicking on each one to save to a folder on your computer is extremely time consuming as evernote wants to save each one with the same name so you have to manual change the name and save into a folder and then manual upload each image into your wordpress media folder and then insert into your post one at a time. 

I saw one post from someone that helps a bit, which is to drag your images one at a time by opening the note in evernote online, you can open a folder on your screen and drag each image individually, and evernote renames each one separately and saves automatically without any additional key strokes needed, so that is a huge time saver, you still have to upload manually one at a time to wordpress and then insert into the new webpage one at a time. 

Very time consuming process.

There is a software solution called Zapier that creates an interface between evernote and wordpress and can duplicate your note into a wordpress post, but unfortunately they don't transfer any images.

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What about trying this... It's a suggestion rather than a known solution.

In the note click the Share button and turn on the sharing link.

Copy and paste that link into a browser window. Now you're using your browser rather than Evernote. Test copy and paste and see if it works.

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