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Merging 2 Accounts Efficiently

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Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to find a efficient way of merging two Evernote accounts. I have a personal one and a business one. I want to merge all my personal notes into my personal one efficiently. I did find the article https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004867-Merge-the-contents-of-two-Evernote-accounts

Which instructions a users to to export a notebook one by one. If you are like me I have Stacks with 10 to 20+ Notebooks with  a lot of notes inside each. This would take weeks if not months to do. Also the challenge of usage limitations of 30 GB per month. 

Does anyone know a way to merge the accounts more efficiently without having issues with the 30 GB limitations?


Thank you

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Hi.  If you truly have a business (now called teams) account,  it should be easy to switch between one and the other - the point of a Teams subscription is to have a central library of notebooks which is available to several colleagues or employees,  all of whom have individual subscriptions for their drafting and private use.

If you do want to combine the two accounts,  I'd suggest you downgrade the Teams account to Personal (or Professional) and go from there;  again it's easy to switch between two accounts,  but if you wish to combine them,  just share one set of notebooks with the other account.  To avoid two subscriptions you could gradually move content across on a notebook-by-notebook basis.

Regardless I'd suggest you run all this by Support who may have other suggestions,  but I can't think of anything other than sharing or export/ importing as options...

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The reason to undertake the process notebook by notebook is because it is the only way to retain the individual notebook structures. If you are content to simply import ALL the notes into a single notebook then you could use the Legacy application and export all your notes to a single enex file and then import that into the merged account but you would lose the individual notebooks.

I'm assuming you have two standard accounts - one you call 'personal' and the other you call 'business'. I would go notebook by notebook and do it as I needed each one.  If you are currently paying for both accounts you could allow the account you intend to close to move to the free service level when the subscription expires. You would not need to retain the paid account. No data would be lost but new notes would be restricted to the free level limits. Just take it steadily rather than attempt everything all at once. You could, perhaps, do each set of notebooks in a stack at a time but still give yourself plenty of time to move everything as you need them.

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As @agsteele suggested,  if you let that one go back to a free account,  your existing notes won't be affected,  you'll just be subject to all the limits of a free account in adding to or editing your content.  You can share all the information (notebook by notebook) with your 'other' account, and copy notes over into that account if you want to do something needing higher account limits.  At the end of each month you could use up any remaining upload limits on your paid account by transferring notebooks over - create new stacks if you need them,  then just copy the notebook across..

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Each Business (Teams) Account comes with a free Personal subscription, one for every user.

Unless you are on the „old“ Business model - which is expiring, and you should switch over to the new one.

Apart from this: Nobody „is“ by himself on a Business Account - a Business (EN Teams) Account is always set up for and used by several users as a group. If you have a Business Account just for yourself, it is the wrong account type. The same features minus those needed for coworking in the group are available with a Professional subscription.

It should be clear what the current status is, before we pop ideas to restructure it.

If you are alone with your Business account, it should be switched to Professional. Merging the accounts can be done in slices - what has not made the switch yet can stay in a by then Free Account until moved. Even with a 30GB limit it takes a finite amount of time - how large in total is your personal account that you want to merge ?

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Hi @PinkElephant The reason you might not have asked about is I am on a business account due to I am a solo consultant and the amount of data, files...etc I was uploading per month from working with clients was exceeding the personal limits. That was one reason I need the business account at the time I started using Evernote which I am sure you can understand it was years ago. 

I have not recently looked into the different accounts. 

If I move over to the professional account as you recommended I still run into this massive issue of years of notebooks and notes in my personal account I would need to migrate. As Evernote support as advised me this appears to be a 2 to 4 month plus project with the amount of information I have stored in Evernote. 

I was hoping there was a better, more efficient want merge the accounts. Which appears like there is not away. 


Also I haven't be able to find a size on the entire Evernote account. I have over 120 Notebooks since 2011, and over 1,400 notes. The challenge both the size of the notes due to images...etc With the size limits to transfer per month that is why the 2 to 4 month plus project to migrate over. 


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There is no explicit size limit to the database. There is the monthly upload limit.

The size is indirectly limited by a maximum of 100.000 Notes, and a maximum of 1.000 notebooks. Make the math yourself, with a note size limit of 200MB.

The upload limits of Professional and Teams are identical - 20GB for the account. With Teams there are additional 2GB per user, but this is a rather costly extension. You can check out all the details in this help document:


What I do not understand: You have a big archive of - sorry - forgotten projects. You may want to use them, but this will only happen from time to time. So why the need to rush the transfer ? Start with the latest ones, use the upload limit, and work yourself backwards. You can always go to the still existing account and look something up there. If you let it drop to Free when the subscription expires, you will still be able to access the notes - you just can't change them.

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