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  1. Hi Everyone, Since my initial post, I have been using Hubspot.com for my CRM system which has really help me with my client management.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been using Hubspot.com which is a free CRM and it's been pretty good so far for what I need. I wish Evernote would build up a relationship with hubspot to integrate Evernote with them.
  3. Thanks Chris, I have been testing out Hubspot CRM and it appears to work for what I need and it's FREE
  4. Hey Chinarut, yeah it was. How are things going with you? I am playing around with Inslghtly.com as well as Hubspot.com CRM's to see which one works best. To bad Evernote hasn't looked at developing on their core. I know they were working on Hello and they could of developed that out to be a CRM tracking. How is Highrise HQ? /Brandon
  5. Thanks Mark for your process. I setup. I came up with my own CRM type follow up system. 1) I capture the lead, their information, contact information, business card, personal information 2) Then I have created a stack that is called "Leads" 3) In that stack I have created 5 notebooks called "Follow up 1", "Follow up 2"...etc 4) Then I set reminders on the notes when I need to follow up with so that on that day I receive an e-mail report. It's is a very simple CRM for me.
  6. Good morning fellow Evernote users, I was wondering does anyone use Evernote as their lead tracking and follow-up system. A very light CRM? Recently I have been looking at different cloud type CRM systems, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, ACT....etc the list goes on and on. I was wondering 1) Have you tried to use Evernote as a CRM for lead tracking and follow-ups? If so what is your workflow 2) If you don't, what system do you personally use. I know Evernote has partnered up with Salesforce, but I would like to hear what you use. I look forward to learning from you.
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