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How Can I Add A Tag In Windows Version?

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I have a MacBook and love how easy Evernote is on there. I add tags to almost every note. It's so easy and obvious. It says "click to add tags" at the top of the note. But there is no such thing in the Windows version, which I have to use on my desktop upstairs on the main work computer. Why is that so hard? I literally could not find a way to add a tag to a note today. 

Am I missing something?


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Because it is the latest version of the old, version 7, software. That release had reached the end of the line and there is no further update. If you want to get version 10 on your Mac then download the v10 package which will look and feel the same as the Windows version you have.

Alternatively download the Legacy version for Windows and your Win experience will mirror what you currently have on Mac. These will not be updated, or fixed of faults emerge.

Whatever, v10 is available on both OSes and will eventually be all that is available.

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Additional Information: It is better to install the download from the EN website, not from the AppStore.

The AppStore version is known to run into problems with some functions, like sharing, screen shots etc. This is due to MacOS executing it in a sandbox, cutting access to some functions of the Mac. 

Current version is 10.28 - there is a new release every 2-3 weeks.

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Count is already 10.29. Rollout through the app can take up to a week - EN has moved to make a staged rollout, only calling fraction of the installations to renew at any time. Who installs from the EN web site always gets the new installer.

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