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EN Legacy on Windows 11 - A Query

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I'm considering upgrading my 2 year old netbook from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11. Currently I am running EN Legacy ( (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) and also the Edge clipper which for my uses are absolutely fine. I really just want to stay with 6.25 and not upgrade EN. So I am wondering, before I commit to doing this, what folks' experiences are with using EN 6.25 on Windows 11 i.e. are there issues or is all OK? I have an EN Personal account & 5500 notes.



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Hi.  I'm still happily using 6.25 on Windows 10.  I'm comfortable with the 'devil I know' - it works;  sometimes not as well as I'd like... but it works.  For that reason principally,  I have no interest in updating to v10 or W11 until I absolutely have to. 

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My windows device and EN client are the least used devices I have. Actually I only run it because it is more convenient to continue my old PC than to port a few applications to the VM on my Mac. This just to limit my exposure and competence to the subject.

Up to now nobody could really explain me why I should switch from a stable Win 10 to this Win 11 thing. If it is delivered with a new PC, fine. But switching … ?

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My guess is that there are very few users with Legacy running on Windows 11. I also anticipate that some tweaking might be needed to run Legacy on Win 11.

There are a few reports of problems running v10 on Windows 11 but no great flood. Also the Win 11 roll out is slow so there is probably no significant use of Win 11 amongst us.

Unless you wish to be on the bleeding edge...

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