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Can no longer search in PDFs with basic plan?

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18 minutes ago, hyyen said:

Did they remove PDF search for free plans?

Searching inside documents has not been available on free plans for a long time from what I recall. Looking at the Evernote Basic features, searching within PDF is not listed, searching within images was available. It does look like this feature of searching within images has been removed from the Free plan though.



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1 hour ago, ha-kg said:

In premium for Android, it's too not possible, despite the announcements on the web page. You have to downlad the pdf to open in another app to search

I'm afraid that you are incorrect.  I just checked a simple search on notes stored in Evernote for the phrase 'Your Plan' and it returned every PDF copy of my cell phone bill I had ever stored inside Evernote.

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EN builds a search index from the pdf content, which is independent from the attachment. This way it finds the attachments without a need to download and store them all. The search index is metadata that is always loaded, even on mobile without offline notes.

Where you need to download is when you want to use the in-document search. This is needed to locate the search term inside of the attachment.

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Some time has elapsed and I would like to know if with the newest Android versions it is now possible to search within PDF files. 

I do not mean search for PDF files which are indexed and contain the search phrase. 

I want to search within one of these resulting files. 

In versions before 10 it was possible to open found PDF files with a pdf Reader and search. Starting with Android 10 you must download the pdf file. Open the downloaded file to search in.

In the share dialog, PDF readers are not offered


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If you are on the Free plan, there is no search in pdf files.

This is what this thread is about.

If you want to know how search in PDFs work when on a subscription, better open a new thread. If specifically for the Android client, in that subforum - we are here in General Discussion.

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