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  1. Hi, I tried some other websites and they have the same issue. Searching further, people are reporting the issue since 14.0.1 back in November. People have filed bug reports with Apple but they're using other browsers for now. What a mess up.
  2. Recently upgraded to Mojave. First attempt to attach a file onto a note fails: 1. Click the Paper Clip icon with the cursor placed where I wanted to upload a screen shot. 2. Dialog box comes up, clicked "Choose File" and it does nothing. The file chooser window does not come up. Safari Version 14.0.2 (14610. Useing AdBlock Plus. Tried disabling for site, no effect. OS X Version 10.14.6. I did try on Chrome browser for Mac and it worked. Basic account.
  3. I think there's interest from former Evernote Food users in photo journaling their meals, as opposed to sharing or the more social media-centric approach of other apps. Seems like SALT is more in the latter category. Where are the notes and photos stored, on the device or on your servers? How much data can each user upload and expect to have stored up there indefinitely? The other problem with a lot of apps. is that they're startups and often they go out of business so any data you accumulate can disappear if the startup doesn't make it. A lot of Evernote competitor
  4. Hmm, it prompts me to turn on Always Location tracking, not just when using the app. And requires signing in. Does it automatically upload photos against the reviews for the restaurants? I guess that would be the only way to store the data somehow. And comments are key so maybe just as well using regular Evernote app.
  5. Can you insert tables and do editing from the mobile apps or only from the desktop? One annoying thing is that snap dish notes can't be edited.
  6. Fired? Do you have a link? Well it is a startup and has been for awhile. It survived other startup competitors in the same space, such as Springpad. It may be in a battle though against OneNote and especially if Google really pushes it's Keep product, which is only for Android now. I can see it being tough for them to monetize Food. He'll I'm not even sure how they monetize the main product. They up sell premium accounts but most people can get by with the free basic accounts. And if ey need a lot of storage, there's drop box and others.
  7. Food kept crashing when I took a pic since I updated my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 9. So I've used regular Evernote, to take pics without filters, no captions or meal notes, manually enter restaurant info. Just not the same. Probably will stop logging meals.
  8. So you have to wonder about why they're ending Food. It can't be because it uses more data, because the more data people use, the more likely they're going to upgrade to a paying account instead of the free Basic account. Maybe they didn't want to keep paying engineer(s) to maintain the code, with iOS changing all the time. Or maybe it costs money for the restaurant locator thing and they didn't really want to pay it. Evernote app. doesn't give you the photo filters that Food has nor the option to not save photos taken within the app. to not be added to your photo roll, so you have to
  9. Evernote's business model is to upsell premium services which cost more. But mostly these services are greater storage. Maybe they can do an in-app purchase in Evernote to offer the Food template, including the filters and the restaurant locator, for a nominal fee, like $5. They are pretty generous with the storage though, because I have tons of notes in EN and I've never been close to coming up with the limit for the free or EN Basic accounts. Maybe that will change. But they should have always offered the features of these satellite apps. as upgrades that you had to pay for, rather t
  10. One other app, Snapdish, supposedly offers to post to Evernote. So it could be a workaround, though it doesn't seem to have a restaurant locator.
  11. Hmm, Flava looks interesting but they charge quite a bit for storage, like $10 for a gigabyte (at least on iOS App Store), though that should cover plenty of meals. Also see something called Meal Logger for iOS but it doesn't have purchase options for storage. I would think though that if people upload a lot of photos and it eats up storage, they will put a stop or go out of business. It might be possible to use Evernote to take pics and upload meals but no built-in restaurant identification and no filters for the photos. I always like using the boost filter. Photo journaling of rest
  12. So will Evernote Food just stop working at some point? I can understand not releasing new versions (though with new OS updates and changes to the Evernote backend, it may break too) but will they actually block Meals from syncing with your Evernote account? Or not allow the app. to connect at all?
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