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Printing problems

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I've used Evernote for YEARS. But the last few months when I print a note out it runs off the page. I'm sure I somehow changed some setting, but I've looked through and can't find what I need to change to be able to have the notes print with out them running off the right side of the paper. I keep all my recipes on Evernote so when I print them and loose a lot of the recipe it's not so useful. I'd appreciate any guidance. I'm fairly software savvy...all the Microsoft apps and Adobe Suite, I just have never had to navigate print settings in Evernote. It just always worked. Thanks

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How do I go back to the legacy version? I just exported to pdf to print, but that takes so much more time. Is there a quick way to revert back to legacy version? I have 10.25 right now. What do I want?

Thank you for quick reply!

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I admit that I don't understand how you are guiding me. Run side by side? Can i just keep using my Evernote (going on 15 years now) the same way I always did, or am I "good" after downloading the legacy exe? I don't have knowledge getting into this realm. I'm a software girl. You are golden for all your help!

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Using legacy is using one app. It links to the EN server and builds its own database on the PC.

Using EN v10 is another app. It links to the same server, but again builds its own database on the PC.

One app is not interfering with the other. You can run them on the same computer at the same time.

Just don’t open the same note at the same time in both clients, and make changes. It can happen that then EN does not know on the server how to handle it, and creates a duplicate.

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46 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Какие проблемы с печатью? Если вы хотите что-то, пожалуйста, будьте более конкретными.

Это все равно, что петь «Исправить ошибку, исправить ошибку, да», потому что ошибки есть всегда.

из "темной темы" белый текст выводится на печать  в белом. Интерполяция не работает как раньше. Ничего на бумаге не видно.

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