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Are there other note-taking apps that I can use to sync all my old notes away from Evernote? I've about had it here.

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I've been using this app for over 10 years, so I have a lot of data stored here that I need access to. 

Unfortunately, the new version of Evernote is just breath-takingly horrible.  Everything that used to take one click now takes 3 or 4, and nothing is where I am used to it being.  The tags, and shortcuts are all hidden away behind several layers of windows, and to top it all of, they are desperately pushing me to use this new "tasks" feature which I've never used, I don't want to use, and which they freely admit they will start charging me for if they can get me hooked on it.

I want out. Evernote is treating it's long time users very badly, the app is no longer helpful or useful to me, and their culture is obviously not one I can rely on in the future. But I have the problem of all those old notes that I don't want to lose access.  I can't be the first person who's ever been in this situation. Can some one recommend the best way to escape from Evernotes clutches?  Maybe another app that syncs with it?

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1 hour ago, WanderMan said:

Can some one recommend the best way to escape from Evernotes clutches?

Evernote makes it easy to "escape"  
There are many note taking apps that support automatic import of Evernote notes  (Notion, Bear, Devonthink, ...)
They make use of Evernote's API for the export feature    
In fact, you can trigger the export yourself from within Evernote    
I use the exports html format as part of my data backups; the notes are read-able by any browser app

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Hi.  If you were happy with the 'old' Evernote,  then one easy choice is to install that version to run alongside (or instead of) the new one.  While relying on the Legacy app isn't a long term solution - though you probably still have months if not years before it disappears forever - it would be unwise to jump ship to the first app you find that will download all your notes.  It might be an even worse experience!

If you search the forums here and the wider internet,  you'll find that there are several ongoing threads to find the ideal note-taking app.  Since your view of that depends a great deal on what you actually use your account for,  you might be wise to stick with Legacy for a bit and test out some of the likely prospects before jumping ship!

(And you might need Legacy to export your notes...)


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Before you go INTO another note app, check how you can get OUT of it again. Many other apps happily take customers from EN, and offer import routines to get your notes moved. But some love their new flock so much they forgot to put equal emphasis on an EXPORT routine. So better check both, the export feature is often  hard to find, and not well documented.

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