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  1. Thanks for the tip. Just in case anyone else reads this thread later, here is the link to download an older version of Evernote for Android.
  2. I've been using this app for over 10 years, so I have a lot of data stored here that I need access to. Unfortunately, the new version of Evernote is just breath-takingly horrible. Everything that used to take one click now takes 3 or 4, and nothing is where I am used to it being. The tags, and shortcuts are all hidden away behind several layers of windows, and to top it all of, they are desperately pushing me to use this new "tasks" feature which I've never used, I don't want to use, and which they freely admit they will start charging me for if they can get me hooked on it. I want out. Evernote is treating it's long time users very badly, the app is no longer helpful or useful to me, and their culture is obviously not one I can rely on in the future. But I have the problem of all those old notes that I don't want to lose access. I can't be the first person who's ever been in this situation. Can some one recommend the best way to escape from Evernotes clutches? Maybe another app that syncs with it?
  3. I've been using this app for TEN YEARS. I don't understand why you treat long-time customers like me so horribly. I just want what I bought 10 years ago! This new version is AWFUL. I can't find anything. The tags are harder to use, the shortcuts are harder to use. Everything that used to take one click now takes 4 or 5, and to top it all off you've inserted commercials for your stupid tasks app in every activity. I have to spend 2-3 seconds saying "no I don't want to make a task," every time I want to do ANYTHING. On a note-taking app, those extra few seconds are an eternity. I want to go back to the way things used to be!!!!! Back when I used this app to organize my thoughts for the entire last decade. Just let me use the old version! The old version was so much better!
  4. I was told by some one working for Evernote that this was the best to reach them. Apologies if that is not the case.
  5. you're taking feedback, think of it this way. I've been using Evernote, off and on, for something like ten years. I got very good at using the app the way it was. I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO RELEARN IT. I was good at using it before. I feel like your company has never really grasped this. When I buy a car, I learn how to drive the car, and then for the rest of my life I know how to drive that car. But when I buy your app, I can spend years learning how to use it, and then wake up one morning to find all my skills have been erased and I have to start over. I have important documents saved in this app, which I need quick access to. I trusted you to always allow me easy access to those, but instead you constantly make it harder to use. STOP IT. Leave the interface alone! Use your updates to eliminate the obnoxious load times and don't force to me reinvent the wheel because some programmer on staff thinks it would look cool if he gutted the entire thing and started over
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