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💡 Create new, second, linked note instantly and on-the-fly using simple characters



Here's an idea for note-linking which would be very, very fast and would save a measurable amount of time and clicks.

What do you ENers think of it?

What if you could use some very specific characters (like Markdown or something like that) in a first note, place it around some text and that would tell EN to automagically create a new, second note with that marked text as the new note's title?

Use case example:

Let's say I would be writing a note with some tasks in it. It would be kind of high-level for the day's todo's:

[ ] Get XYZ task done 
[ ] Create ABC Project and get it started    

But ABC Project would need to have more text and tasks than I would want to put in this first note.

So what I would really need would be a new note to house the many tasks and subtasks in ABC Project.

Create new, second note without leaving first note
When I would type that second task, still from within my first, original note,  I would do something like "...{{ABC Project}}..." 

The "{{  }}" would trigger EN to create that brand new note for me with the title "ABC Project" and would hyperlink it to the first note -- WITHOUT EVER LEAVING THE FIRST NOTE.

So now I could click on "ABC Project" and jump right to that new note and would be able to start typing the project up.

No extra clicks, no leaving the original note.

Instead I would have completely bypassed the multi-click process of making a new note and then linking it back to my original note, etc.

And when done, I could gracefully use the "Back" arrow to return to my original note.



There is a feature like this in the text editor Obsidian and I just thought it was brilliant. Unfortunately that app doesn't work well as a task manager, or I would practically have jumped over to it just for that feature.

The primary benefit for this is the the ability to maintain one's FLOW while writing and creating new linked notes.

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I love it. Other apps (such as Roam Research, Workflowy, Amplenote, and many more) are starting to popularize similar capabilities, so I hope Evernote develops something along these lines soon.

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3 hours ago, hanseric said:

automagically create a new, second note with that marked text as the new note's title?

I like the process of creating new notes, linked to the original    
I implemented this with scripting in Evernote Legacy (applescript on a Mac)   
Not sure about the special characters as a trigger - I just selected the text and ran the script

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Nice idea, worth of following up.

Personally I think a backlinking feature build into such a tool would be a real leap forward. Often it is not set from which side of a note one will access an information, and then drill down. Backlinks would enable this sort of networked information. The current TOC is nice, but unidirectional.

This means there are 2 links needed, one in the parent note leading to the child, one in the child leading to the parent.

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