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Remove unnecessary photo background from home screen/restore lost space



The so-called "background" photo uses up a quarter of my mobile screen in wasted space.  Please remove it or else make it optional.  It should be possible for the whole screen to be used for note-related information, not wasted on irrelevant images.

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Agreed!  The irrelevant image wastes valuable screen space and is visually confusing. 

There does seem to be a workaround of sorts: I deleted the various new widgets, then went back to Notebooks in the sidebar and selected my most-used notebook. That is now what I see when I launch the iOS or Mac Evernote app, approximating the pre "upgrade" experience. 

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Agree.. what's the purpose ?! 

That whole home screen is just a barrier to content - the opposite to what it was probably intended for.
The whole widget thing feels too gimmicky.. as a user I just wants access to notes... so customisable shortcuts to either Notes or Notebooks is as complicated as it needs to be.

Some real daft UI decisions being made lately.




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