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  1. Yep - getting this too.. past few days. Evernote seems to be becoming bloated and clunky with unwarranted 'improvements' - what used to be an agile, intuitive list app is fast becoming the opposite. Quit with the constant updates!
  2. Agree.. what's the purpose ?! That whole home screen is just a barrier to content - the opposite to what it was probably intended for. The whole widget thing feels too gimmicky.. as a user I just wants access to notes... so customisable shortcuts to either Notes or Notebooks is as complicated as it needs to be. Some real daft UI decisions being made lately.
  3. Enable "create a new notebook" when moving a note.. Why is it not already there ? It's a no brainer. It'd be more intuitive and easier - if moving new or existing note(s) and needing to create a new notebook - to have it as an option at the top/bottom of the existing notebook list. Instead of cancelling the process and going back to create a new notebook - before being able to move the note(s). Much like the way Pinterest allows you to create a new board when saving a new pin.
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